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An official forum for Scraps
July 4, 2013 - Nition

I’ve had a few people ask for an official forum, or just tell me it’d be a good idea for the community. It’s probably not a good idea, since the main site gets about 50 hits a day at the moment and that’s not exactly going to build the next Facepunch, but I’ve set one up anyway. I even made a couple of posts.

You can go there now at and start posting about the cool vehicles you made or how much the game sucks. If nothing else, I’ll be reading the forums at least.

You can sign up with a new account or sign in with the usual suspects – Google+, Facebook, Twitter… The forums are Discourse[]-based, which is new and fancy and may or may not be better than the stagnant old forum software of yesteryear. It’s all running on an Ubuntu Amazon EC2 server in a rack somewhere in the US with image storage using Amazon S3. Welcome to the world of tomorrow.

In the background I’ve been busy with a lot of things this week (not least setting up the forums), but I’m working on multiplayer as well and some things are happening.