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November 22, 2013 - Nition

With the launch of the Scraps Kickstarter campaign, and with development now being well underway, Scraps is moving from Concepts to the MAIN Steam Greenlight section here. And if you've already voted here, I'd really appreciate your Greenlight vote again. The votes here have been fastastic and being right up there in the Top Rated games has been great for extra exposure. Thanks for your support so far. I've wanted to make this game forever and it's great to see when other people want to play it as much as I do.
The new Kickstarter campaign is here:

I've been working on Scraps full-time with no pay for over a year now. The basic building mechanics are all done and a multiplayer prototype is working, but it's still months away from a solid alpha release where you can start playing proper multiplayer deathmatch games and I can start getting a few dollars coming in.

Originally when I started I'd hoped to have an Alpha release out by now, but once the project got going it became apparent that this was a bigger job (doesn't that always happen?). I now have a much better idea of how long the game is going to take, but it's a while, so I'm getting near the point where I'm thinking about getting some extra part-time work. Of course that'd slow down development even more.

However, Kickstarter has just become available in this country and it's a good time to go for it. I'm looking for a bit of funding now, not to cover the whole of development, but to give me free reign to keep working on it full-time until it's really ready to go.

If you choose to help with funding now, you can also secure a copy of the alpha release when it's done (and the final version too) if you pledge $20NZD (only $16USD) or more - so you're not backing and having to still buy the game later.

November 17, 2013 - Nition

Fixed a few things from 0.2.6. I feel like the updates have been pretty boring for a while since I’m always working on either invisible things you can’t see, or multiplayer stuff that you won’t see until it’s all finished. I don’t have time to add something really awesome but, added cowcatcher.

- Downgraded Unity version back from 4.3 to 4.2. 4.3 seems to have some performance issues
- Added cowcatcher
- Added auto-snap to sides for cowcatcher and small machine gun
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug in the screen res code – 800×600 should be the minimum resolution, not 1024×768
- Fixed an invisible bug in the build system
- Fixed a couple of weapon models having the wrong pivot point

I can't show you any cool multiplayer stuff as the actual vehicle combat isn't done, but just to prove that something is being done in the background:

Dedicated server running with GUI (usually it'd be run in the background)

Work-in-progress join game screen

Work-in-progress lobby screen (host's view)

November 12, 2013 - Nition

I've put up a small update to the builder demo mostly to make things look a little bit better. Download here as usual[].

Some people on the forum[] also asked for a longer straight and maybe a ramp. There was no good reason not to do this so a long straight and sweet ramp are now also included in the test map.

One day, the whole test map needs an overhaul to not just be a random jumble of hills, but it’s functional enough for now.


2013-11 – 0.2.6
- Texture improvement on terrain
- Changed graphics to a more cel-shaded style
- Added skid smoke and dirt particle effects
- End caps for edge walls
- Revamped main menu (still very basic)
- Added a long straight to the test map
- Added a sweet ramp
- Wheel grip now changes based on terrain
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed engine sounds starting briefly at high RPM instead of idle
- Some screen res stuff

October 3, 2013 - Nition

Not much time to copy and format the content here, but a new update to the builder release[] is up with some fixes, and more info can be found here:

September 19, 2013 - Nition

Get it here[].

I wasn't going to do an update to the builder demo just yet, but I've fixed some major stuff so it's worth making it live.

The Mac mouse offset bug should be fixed, where the mouse cursor showed in a different place to where it actually was on first run. Please let me know[] if it still happens to you.

The other major thing is that I was flying through the air in my test vehicle and I fired the cannon, and the vehicle didn't rotate. It moved sideways, but didn't rotate like it should have. So I checked the code and found that when firing weapons the equal-and-opposite force from the gun being fired has always been applied to the centre of the vehicle instead of the place where the bullet was actually fired from. Additionally, when projectile weapons hit stuff, they were also applying their hit force to the centre of the object that was hit instead of the point where they hit.

So now with the fix, vehicles get thrown around a lot more, particularly from the large cannon firing. Especially since I also recently boosted the cannon's power a bit. It's way better now, by which I mean worse, by which I mean way better.

List of changes in this release:

2013-09 - 0.2.3
- Tweaked projectile weapon FX, mostly to make them more visible at a distance too
- Some minor performance fixes
- Weapon checks if they can fire now correctly take the barrel width into account
- Tweaked weapons
- Improved sound manager
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug where on first run on some Macs, the cursor would be offset from where the mouse actually was
- Fixed being able to place a weapon barrel overlapping a Red Zone, but not place a Red Zone overlapping a weapon barrel
- Fixed cannons that can't fire still being able to rotate on the Y axis (and clip through anything!)
- Fixed several bugs that made setting key bindings a bit dodgy
- Fixed equal-and-opposite force when firing weapons always pushing from the center of the vehicle instead of the gun's firing position
- Fixed projectile hits also adding force to the center of objects instead of where they hit!

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