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Of Guards And Thieves
28 октября - Helba

Of Guards and Thieves - Update r.78.2 Halloween Sales, Free Weekend, Discord, BugFix and more.
Hi guys,
Of Guards and Thieves update 78.2 is now available.
Note: this is a preparation update with lots of changes under the hood that we need to test in order to proceed with the next updates.

OGAT is part of the Steam Halloween Sales with a -40% discount and Free weekend event until Monday October 31.

Maps are decorated with Halloween stuff for the duration of the event

During the FREE WEEKEND every Demo/Free to play account get the opportunity to try all the premium features during the weekend.
You'll be able to use all the maps, classes, gamemodes and map editor, enjoy ;-)

* Free Week End event will last until Monday October 31!

DISCORD Official Server

Official Discord server is now available!
If you want to invite other players please use this linkhttps://discord.gg/VQbBwxm
*Discord is available as Browser application and Standlone client for Win/Mac/Linux iOS and Android.
Check here to download the client - https://discordapp.com/apps

If you need a private voice/text channel please read carefully.
Minimum requirements
You need a group of active friends to apply for the request, not to send the request if you are alone or under 5 active members.
Incomplete requests and / or made with fake emails will not be accepted.
If you do not respect the requirements you can use the temporary rooms.

*copy and paste on your email.
- In-Game username (OGAT username)
- Identity proof: OGAT CD-KEY/account registration email
- Group/Clan name: -name here-
- Number of members: -number-

Do not give this information to anyone, send them via e-mail only to support@subvertgames.com

Development roadmap board on Trello
OGAT Development roadmap is now available on Trello board, definitely more readable, clear and comfortable to update and manage.

HERE THE BOARD → https://trello.com/b/nIaR1oR2

Other helpful links:
Here the updates/changelog list: "Previous updates/changelog list"
Here the updates full articles list: "Full Updates Articles List"
Here the Actual game content list,
- "Actual game content list (Steam Forum)"
- "Actual game content list (Community Forum)"[www.subvertgames.com]

Update Changelog
OGAT r.78.0
  • MultiShoot weapons system
  • (WIP) Reworked Pump-Action Shotgun *Damage 90 (30 for each buck)
  • Security improvements and fix.
  • Improved Main Menu
  • New Login and authentication system
  • Heavy code rewrite
  • improved netcode
  • FPS counter (on/off available in the Options menu)
  • BUG FIX: Chat server random disconnection
  • BUG FIX: Friend list synch
  • BUG FIX: Out of synch Flashlight bug on first spawn
  • BUG FIX: Improved grenade netcode
  • BUG FIX: Last grenade kill doesn't cause ragdoll "freeze"
  • BUG FIX: Missing shot/hit render (wrong magazine/bullet synch)
  • FIX: Lower volume for Smoke Grenade and Flare.
  • BUG FIX: Less lag after long session/long uptime.
  • BUG FIX-Dedicated server: No-Damage grenades problem solved.
  • BUG-FIX-Dedicated server: No more infinite ammo bug.
  • Bomb Defusa, Bomb timer 30sec to 40sec
  • quiter Lightswitch sound (20% reduction)
  • "Crossbow standard" rebalance *Magazine Bolt (6 to 7 ammo)
  • Halloween Decorations
  • R.I.P webplayer (web browser version of OGAT is no longer available)
OGAT r.78.1
  • FIX: chat server login issue
  • BUGFIX: 1hp Death-Freeze
  • BUGFIX: Flashlight on death body no longer appears
  • BUGFIX: Flashlight on Shield no longer appears
  • BUGFIX: Healing teammate with FullHP do not give Score
  • BUGFIX: No more invisible Shield collider with primary weapons equipped (wrong 3dmodel still present)
  • BUGFIX: Friendly Melee damage do not give positive score anymore
  • BUGFIX: Office Map - Reception A lights synch
OGAT r.78.2
  • FIX: Soccer "Freeze-Knife" fixed
  • FIX: BSOD Admin "Black screen of death" when hosting VIP/Racing/Faceless fixed
  • FIX: Other rare "Death-Freeze" effect fixed
  • BUGFIX: Other minor bugfix

24 июня - Helba

Of Guards and Thieves - Update 76.0 Karts, Training mode, Shooting Range map, New Gadgets, Free weekend and more.

Hi guys,
Of Guards and Thieves update 76.0 is now available.
Also OGAT is part of the Steam Summer Sales with a -40% discount and Freeweek end event until Monday June 27.

During the FREE WEEKEND every Demo/Free players the opportunity to try all the premium features during the weekend.
You'll be able to use all the maps, classes, gamemodes and map editor, enjoy ;-)

* Free Week End event will last until Monday June 27!

Here's all the changes in this update:
  • Kart veichle now available in Racing gamemode
  • Kart skins (x14)
  • New Shooting Range Map
  • In-Game Tutorial message system (available in Shooting Range map)
  • New Training gamemode (Sandbox based with Standard Classes)
  • New Cobra Gadget - Glue Bottle
  • New Shadow Gadget - Caltrop
  • New Guardian Gadget - Wooden Baton
  • New Scout Gadget - Light Baton
Training mode and Shooting Range map are available both for Early Access and Free users.
  • New Main Menu interface
  • New tooltips graphics
  • Flashligh now turns ON/OFF with "right mouse button" in all the gamemodes
  • Item pick up is now managed with the "E" button.
  • ZR team autobalance fix
  • Improved Grenades networking
Weapon/Gadgets/classes changes
  • Medic Syringe attack speed (0.3 to 0.35)
  • Knife attack speed (0.2 to 0.3)
  • Plastic knife attack speed (0.2 to 0.3)
  • (Scout) "Glue Grenade" to "Fluorescent Glue Grenade"
  • "Fluorescent Glue Grenade" Slowdown 0.3 to 0.5
  • Crowbar damage (40 to 48)
  • Crowbar attack delay: 0.35 to 0.45
  • New Weapon: Automatic Crossbow (training only)
  • New Weapon: Snipe Crossbow (training only)
  • New Weapon: Syringe Pistol (training only)
  • Zombie Fat HP: 90 to 110
  • Zombie Tank HP: 120 to 140
  • Juggernaut HP (85 to 84)
  • AZ47 weight slow down value (0.5 to 0.6)
  • AZ47 Reload speed (2.0 to 2.4)

UPDATE 76.0 Details

New Kart veichle is now available in Racing gamemode.

Kart Skins (x14)

NEW MAP: Shooting Range
Now available for Training game mode, Shooting Range map offers a new Sandabox Training experience,
with Targets, different training areas, and weapons/gadgets storage.

available both for Early Access and Free users.

Shooting Range map details

Shooting Range map overview

NEW MODE: Training
Training mode is available both for Single player and Multiplayer experience.
This mode is based on Sandbox and use the new Inventory System with interactive objects, day/night cycle and more.
available both for Early Access and Free users.

Dummy/Target for Shooting Range gamemode.
Used in Shooting Range Map, two type of target with different mechanics.
- Static/Indestructible Target (left) give the caused damage as text, useful for studying weapons and gadget mechanics.
- Destructible Target/Baloon (right) can be destroyed with a single hit, useful to create time trial and challenges.

In-Game Tutorial message system (available in Shooting Range map)
Used to explain game mechanics to new players in training mode.

New Cobra Gadget - Glue Bottle

Glue Bottle works like Scout Glue Grenade but have a little slow down power and is not visible in dark areas.
-Slow down Power: 0.4
-Duration: 11 seconds
-Weight: 0.8
-Wieght Speed reduction: 0.1
-Inventory setup: x3 Glue Bottle available for Cobra
-*Not visible in dark areas

New Shadow Gadget - Caltrop

Caltrop cause slow down and damage when you step on.
-Hit Damage: 15
-Area Damage x second: 6
-Slow down Power: 0.3
-Duration: 13 seconds
-Weight: 0.6
-Wieght Speed reduction: 0.1
-Inventory setup: x3 Caltrop available for Shadow
-*Not visible in dark areas

New Guardian Gadget - Wooden Baton

Melee weapon for Guardian class.
-Weight: 1.5
-Speed Weight: 0.1
-Damage: 40
-Range: 1.7
-Attack delay: 0.40

New Scout Gadget - Light Baton

Melee weapon for Scout class.
-Weight: 1.2
-Speed Weight: 0.1
-Damage: 34
-Range: 1.7
-Attack delay: 0.35

New Buttons and Training mode available as Single Player mode.

For any bug report, feedback or suggestion use the Steam Forum.
That's all for now!

13 мая - Helba

OGAT is 3 years old! Free Premium weekend for everybody.

Happy birthday Of Guards And Thieves! To celebrate it we're giving every Demo/Free players the opportunity to try all the premium features during the weekend. You'll be able to use all the maps, classes, gamemodes and map editor, enjoy ;-)

* Free Week End event will last until Monday!

In other news, we're working on a better way to build and share custom maps that will be published at the end of the month. Here's a little preview about the Map Browser.

Map Browser Preview


The new in-game Map Browser will allow you to share your custom maps with other players and install any public map to use in your games.
Also, maps now will be saved and downloaded from our servers to avoid any type of issues related to peer to peer connections when users host their game.

Features preview
Selectable filters
  • Show W.I.P (Show/Hide unfinished maps)
  • Installed (Show/Hide already installed maps)
  • Editable (Show/Hide editable maps)
  • Featured only (if ON shows only featured maps)

Maps list, order and filter
Maps can be ordered with various filter,
  • Most played
  • Top rated
  • Newest
  • Recently updated

Maps can be filtered by gamemodes and game type,
  • Competetive
  • Fun/Casual
  • Multiplayer
  • Singleplayer
  • Co-Op

In the top right section additional filters are available in order to look for a specific map name or author.

Map Details
The map details area on the right contains all the details for the selected map.

General Information
  • Map Name
  • Author
  • Release Date
  • Last modified date
  • Number of plays
  • Likes

Gamemodes Compatibility
Show which gamemodes are compatible with the selected map.

Description can be edited by the author directly inside the map editor gamemode.

Install/Unistall button are self-explanatory.
Installed maps will be available in the map selection screen in your game Lobby.

Daily Reports !
Daily reports consists in daily publication of something new on which we worked.
This kind of report are more focused and includes small tasks like 3d art showcase as new gun, skins, map editor new content, new features and content explanation, game design ideas, and more.

Daily reports will be published on Facebook page/Twitter and on dedicated monthly thread here on the official forum.
Usually there will be one publication per day.
DEDICATED FORUM THREAD HERE [www.subvertgames.com]

Here our new development schedule


That's all for now!
More details about the Map Editor and the Save/Load/Sharing process will be available with the dedicated update.

2 февраля - Helba

Subscription end on 6 February 2016 !
Read the article to discover how to join the tournament.

Hello guys, and welcome to the first edition of the OGAT Hunger Games unofficial tournament!

*For more detail and question please check the official thread ->
HERE [www.subvertgames.com]

General informations
Hunger Games is a mod created by the player Lupo511 based on our official RP-Sandbox gamemode, so keep in mind that the tournament is unofficial but supported by the developers for recreational purposes, there may be bugs and inconvenience that may not reflect the current state of the game.

How does the Hunger Games mode work?

In the Hunger Games mode 24 players (called tributes) are put inside an arena where they have to survive and fight each other to death, until only one remains alive. That last player will be the winner. There is no respawn, when you die you are out of the game. You start with nothing in your inventory and you have to gather resources exploring the map, because the better your equipment is the more your chances to survive are. Steal your victims's inventory, use the environment to your advantage and study a good plan. Be smart, be quick, be brave, and you will manage to be the winner!

Hunger Games will take place in the River City map,

Tournament Rules and organization

Every match will have no more than 24 players. In case there are more than 24 participants in the tournament there will be qualification matches. The winners of the qualifications will go ahead and play in the great final match. There will be a draw to randomly choose the players of every qualification match (if there are enough players from nearby countries there is a possibility of country specific qualifications in order to reduce lag advantage).

Tournament rules:
!!Infringement of the following rules can be punished at the organizer's discretion!!

1) Only one player can win the OGAT Hunger Games.
2) Every match consists of no more than 24 players.
3) We require extreme precision with match times. The server will be locked 10 minutes before the event starting time and whoever is not in the server by that time will be left out, so be sure to be there earlier. The match will start exactly at the declared time. We will be 100% precise with timing and we will not wait for any late player.
4) Any type of hack or cheat is strictly forbidden. Any player caught using hacks or cheats will be instantly disqualified with no option to get back in the tournament, and in some cases banned from the game.
5) Players are expected to mantain a friendly and fair behaviour. Any type of misbehaviour against other players (including but not limited to racism or insults) is not tolerated.
6) We don't accept any complain about lag. However, we will do our best to remove lag problems in the games.

How to join

Joining the tournament is very easy. First of all, read carefully the Tournament Rules and Organization section and make sure you understood everything. When you have done that continue reading this section.
In order to join just click on the "Go to the join page" link below, this will take you to a new page. Enter your OGAT profile username and click the join button. A confirmation message will appear saying that you succesfully joined the OGAT Hunger Games. Do not ask to join the tournament in this topic.

Tournament registration page =====>>>
CLICK HERE [ogatmaps.altervista.org]

That's it, now you are a participant in the OGAT Hunger Games, be sure to check this topic in order to see all the news and timings.
Note: The players list on the forum (this page) is updated manually, so don't be worried if you don't see your name, you just have to wait until we check the new subscribers.


- The OGAT Hunger Games 1st Edition in-game exclusive trophy*
- OGAT account type upgrade to "V.I.P" (1x)
- x4 OGAT Steam Key
- Everlasting glory and fame for being the 1st winner of the 1st edition ever of the OGAT Hunger Games

Second place
- OGAT account type upgrade to "Funders' Army" (1x)
- x2 OGAT Steam Key
- A pat on the back (cit.)**

Third place
- OGAT account type upgrade to "Supporter" (1x)
- x1 OGAT Steam Key

*In-game trophies are not part of the game yet. You will receive the trophy in the future.
**Not actually a pat on the back, but I can send a smiley chat message to you if you want :).

Hunger Games Beta Testing
Here's something that you might like. Since many of you want to try the mode out as soon as possible, we are doing a beta testing session open to everyone usually during the weekend for 3-4 hours.

If you are interested to join the beta testing session i recommend to follow the Hunger Games official thread on our forum -> HERE [www.subvertgames.com]

Subscription period: end on 6 February 2016
Play period: To be decided

Current participants
Michael Pontifex IV
[SILENCE] Ice Demon
Goveja zupa
President Snow
[]-[] KUNNO []-[]
EviL PanCaKe

*For more detail and question please check the official thread ->
HERE [www.subvertgames.com]

See you in-game!

7 декабря 2015 - Helba

Of Guards and Thieves - Update 74 Map Editor and stuff!

Hi guys, finally the Map Editor v.1 is available for everyone!

It took us a lot of time and a huge amount of work but it's a really important addition to the game that will give the players a potentially infinite map amount and a way to express your creativity.

Here the content list for the update 74
Map Editor 1.0
  • More than 800 unique objects
  • 7 unique layer
  • 53 unique tileset
  • Local loading/saving of maps
  • Online multiplayer map editing
  • Basic pixel painting
  • Limited gamemodes compatibility (TDM-IG-gTDM-VIP-MadBall) (other gamemodes will be added gradually with new updates)
  • 100x100 meters of editable space

New content and bug fixes
  • New class: Meat Zombie
  • Healing abilities for Meat Zombie
  • Meat Zombie Avatar
  • Level Cap upped to Level 40
  • FIX: Second grenade now deal the correct amount of damage
  • Networking improvements
  • BALANCE: Fat Zombie rebalance.
Map Editor v.1
Here's a quick video preview that shows how to create a medium size house and some outdoor vegetation.

Tons of unique assets
Map Editor assets are organized in LAYERS, TILESETS and TILES and feature more than 800 placeable objects.
"Layers" works as main category selection tool, "tilesets" rapresent a further subdivision into a specific sets of objects,
and "tiles" are the specific objects that you can place into the scene.

7 different layers for a total of 892 different tiles, subdivided in 53 tilesets.
  • Floors - 4 tilesets with 78 tiles
  • Layout - 14 tilesets with 297 tiles
  • Furniture - 17 tilesets with 236 tiles
  • Ground Decoration - 11 tilesets with 132 tiles
  • Lights - 3 tilesets with 38 tiles
  • Roof - 1 tilesets with 1 tiles
  • Gameplay - 3 tilesets with 48 tiles

Map Editor Guide
If you need in-deep information and guidelines about the Map Editor check the official guide HERE

Map Creation and Sharing
Map Creation, Saving and Loading
To create a new map click the "New Map" button available inside the gamemode selection screen as host.

Click "Host a new game" button.

Setup your game room name and options *(Keep in mind that if you don't put any password everyone will be able to join your room with editing permissions).

Select the "Map Editor" game mode.

Create a new map by clicking the "New Map" button, select the new "untitled map" and start the game.

Saving your custom maps
The map can be saved from the map editor gamemode in the dedicated "SETTINGS" section available in the top right corner of your screen.

Enter your map title and click the "SAVE" button to save the map in your hard drive.
NOTE: the map won't be saved automatically, you have to do it manually, be sure to save the map often.

Loading/Playing your custom maps
Your custom maps (with the wrench icon) are listed alongside the official maps in the gamemodes/maps selection screen, just choose the desidered map and launch the game.

Simply select your custom map and start the match.

Map Sharing
We're building an integrated system to save maps in the cloud and share them but at the moment the only way to share a map is to do it manually.
Right now every map is saved with an unique Map ID in this folder (Documents/Subvert Games/OGAT/maps).

Retrieve the desidered map ID inside the gamemodes/maps selection screen

Look for the map file with the correct map ID inside your (Documents/Subvert Games/OGAT/maps) folder.

Send the map file to your friends or feel free to publish it on our official community forum or Steam forum.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Sharing your maps means that you're giving it entirely to another user, meaning that the new user will be able to edit and rename the map.
If you are afraid about copyright and map stealing issues do not share your maps until the official sharing tool is released.

NOTE: In the future Map Editor update maps will be saved directly online on our servers, and there will be an in-game workshop that allow users to publish, share and rate maps.

Quit the Map Editor mode
Click the "Quit" button in the SETTINGS tab to return into the Lobby.
REMINDER: Save the map before quitting the editor!!!

Editor Tools and Controls
Map Editor have 4 different main tool, each one has a precise use and features.

BUILD - The core of the Editor, allow to place and delete objects using the tiles browser.
TEST - This mode allow to quick test the map.
SETTINGS - Contain different options and controls (map title/save/sun control/quit button)
SELECTION & EDIT - (*not available yet) Will be used to setup interactive object ID's and stuff such lights, lightswitches, objectives and more.

Online map editing
Map Editor allow you to create maps online with other players, basically you can chose between 3 different server settings.
Private server : Select a password during the game creation phase, doing this you can avoid griefers. Give the password to your friends if you want them to join in.
Open Server with Spectating mode : Open server without password. turn OFF the spectator autojoin option inside the lobby options area. With this setup other players can spectate your game without editing and chat permission.
Open Server : Open server without password. Everyone can join your server with editing permission, be careful about griefers. If someone mess up your map just quit the editor without saving and change the server rules.

New Class: Meat Zombie!
The Meat Zombie is a support class equipped with 2 healing abilities and one melee attack.

Meat Zombie Stats
  • HP: 55
  • Movement Speed: 4.6
  • Melee damage: 25 hp
  • Melee Attack Speed: 0.3s
  • Healing touch: +10 hp
  • Healing touch speed: 0.45

Healing Spit
The Healing Spit ability creates a pool of curative blood that heals allies and enemies that pass through.

New Avatar
Meat Zombie avatar is now available as Avatar.

Level Cap upped to Level 40

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