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Energy Hook
April 30 - JamieFristrom

For those of you who can't wait for it to come on Steam, I just got a new build of the game up on Humble. (

One of the biggest thing in this build is Rift DK2 support. Enough said, I think!

Another big thing in this build is I believe - I hope - that I'm done tweaking the character's movement parameters. I pulled back a little from the over-the-top jumps and airspeeds of the previous build, but pushed forward on the ground, making it much easier to do ground movement. You kind of drove like a truck before. It's better now. Not that the game is about spending time on the ground. (That's why I didn't notice.)

Here's my road map, going forward:

My next big goal is to get it to the point where I'm willing to call it feature-and-tweaking complete and all that is left are critical bugs. Then I'm going to call it Beta and put it on Steam Early Access.

After that, I'm going to get the Playstation versions done and ship the Playstation and Steam 1.0 versions simultaneously.

How long is that going to take? I still have almost no idea - that's why bug reports *now* are super-helpful; they help me estimate how much work I have remaining to do - but now that I've been rigorously tracking my progress for a month I can make a wild-ass guess - if my progress of the last two weeks is indicative, I'm looking at 30ish more weeks of work before it's simply ready for Early Access. But I will probably bite the bullet and punt on some things I want to do to make sure it's out this year. (I kind of want *some* income this year... :P)

Take care!

March 25 - JamieFristrom

I was in a round-table podcast[] with Tanya Short of Moon Hunters and Alix Stolzer of Legend of Dungeon. Check it out!

February 17 - JamieFristrom

We did it. We got a meaty patch up on Humble! (Go to if you want to play it.) That new character model and gamefeel improvements I promised are finally in.

I even made a new trailer for the first time in over a year because I feel this one's worth a little fanfare.

It is getting really close to Feature Complete. Maybe I'll have to start calling it "Beta" soon.

So check it out!

January 10 - JamieFristrom

Wondering what's going on with Energy Hook? I talk about the latest developments with Josh Bycer of Game Wisdom.[]

November 8, 2014 - JamieFristrom

Energy Hook has been taking a lot longer than expected to develop. <snark>Unlike most indie games.</snark>
Part of the reason is I took a break to make a game for the Xbox One - there was some news about that here -
But now I'm back at work on Energy Hook and do plan to release it on Early Access in a few months.
I've done some work on it in the last week that I'm really excited about, y'all. It's crazy. It's like Burnout meets Spider-Man 2. Can't wait to share.
In the meantime, if you can't wait to play Energy Hook, you can get it here:

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