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Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag
1. kesäkuu, 2014 - MENthish

As development continues on "Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag" we would like to gather some opinions of the players in a simple 10 question survey. The survey strictly concerns the features of the game which will help guide development.

The HL2CTF Player Survey on Google Docs:

The HL2CTF Player Survey short URL to send to friends who may wish to help:
{LINKKI POISTETTU - Ole ystävällinen ja älä spammi, ja ole varovainen huijausten varalta.}http://tinyurl.com/oohpehp

As usual, we appreciate your time and continued support!

7. maaliskuu, 2014 - MENthish

A recent expansion of the core HL2CTF development team and review of the overall plans to make the game available on Steam as soon as possible has launched branch development on "Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag v2.5" as the next release.

The current issues being addressed will further improve many features of the game as well as exposing players to the initial port of HL2CTF running on the 2013 SDK!

More news on the progress of the release will be released very soon with more information on when the game will be delivered via Steam!

And as always, players can download HL2CTF v2.1 for free from www.hl2ctf.com and play on one of the many new servers now running new maps as well as servers exclusively running specific game modes such as Domination and Excessive!

14. tammikuu, 2014 - MENthish

We hope everyone is having a great 2014 and look forward to the upcoming announcements of the new "Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag 3.0" release!

For those concerned with the "Steam Validation Error" in HL2CTF 2.1, we are pleased to report that there is no need to update the client installation. This is a server-side issue only. The new SteamCMD which replaces the HLDSUpdateTool is required to update servers to the new SteamPipe format.

We have posted instructions on how to quickly setup and run a Windows dedicated HL2CTF 2.1 server which has been successfully tested with the current version of the mod. Unfortunately, only AppID 205 is available in the new SteamCMD tool which is for Windows dedicated only therefore the "Official HL2CTF 2.1" server will have to be converted to Windows.

New Server Installation Instructions are now available on HL2CTF.com:

Full Instructions including setting up a stable HL2CTF 2.1 under WINE on Linux:

Look forward to more HL2CTF 2.1 servers showing up over the next few days!

24. lokakuu, 2013 - MENthish

Progress on porting the mod from the 2006 SDK to the 2013 SDK has gone much faster than expected, so we will release the mod under the 2013 Multiplayer Source SDK.

Previously we had expected to release version 2.1 with some tweaks but since the porting progress has moved along so quickly the first release ported to the 2013 Source SDK should be the initial Steam release of the mod.

For those who would like to get involved in upcoming playtesting or just to keep up with our progress, join our forums at http://forums.hl2ctf.net as well as checking the website at http://www.hl2ctf.com and our Twitter at http://twitter.com/hl2ctf for the latest.

16. lokakuu, 2013 - MENthish

As of today, October 16th, 2013, Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag has been Greenlit!

We would like to thank the community and everyone on Steam for the votes and continued support. The development team is working on the steps to get the mod submitted as well as the plans for the future of the mod now that we have achieved this long-awaited goal!

Thank you again for all of your continued support for this project!

- the HL2:CTF team

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