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Ethan: Meteor Hunter
24 de Junho de 2013 - Seaven Studio

We just learned that we were shortlisted[] as one of the final games to be included in the Indie Dev Showcase at the Develop Conference 2013 in Brighton!

We hope it’s the first of a long list of nomination! :).

20 de Junho de 2013 - Seaven Studio

Want to meet people that makes Ethan : Meteor Hunter and play the latest build ?

Seaven Studio is going to be at Rezzed in Birmingham (UK) the 22nd and 23rd of June. Feel free to come to our stand to ask your question, play the newest demo or just say hello !

We hope to see you there !

The Seaven team

4 de Junho de 2013 - Seaven Studio

As some of you may have not the time to try the Alpha Demo, here is a developer walkthrough with our lovely french accent!

You'll also see how to get the last 3 fragments and the bonus levels!

Oh, did we mention the Alpha level is exclusive? That's right, it's made especially for you, it won't be part of the main game! Enjoy!

17 de Maio de 2013 - Seaven Studio

One last video before the week-end ! Today we will put physics on the limelight.

Ethan can interract with plenty of objects during his adventure. They all have their own physics and can be used in multiple ways to reach the end of the levels. You might have noticed that blocks act differently : wood blocks burn when they meet fire, but they prevent from electric charge while metal blocks can't burn but are electrified and conduct power when they meet generators or tesla beams. Blocks can be used to activate mecanisms or to take cover, use them the way you want !

Now, back to focus on finishing the game and improving the game based on your feedbacks. Play the demo and give us your feedbacks at feedback(at)seaven-studio(dot)com !

We'd love to hear from you !

Seaven Team

16 de Maio de 2013 - Seaven Studio

Here comes a new video ! We choose to show you the second world and to lay emphasis on electricity.

In Ethan : Meteor Hunter, you will be able to use electricity to solve puzzle. From the big Tesla beam to the power supply of a generator, many interruptors, doors or mecanisms are activated by an electric charge. However, you should be careful : it can become a deadly weapon and you might regret it if you don't use it carefully.

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