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Ethan: Meteor Hunter
2013. május 15. - Seaven Studio

New video uploaded about speedrun focus!

One of the feature of the game will be about focusing on speedruns - special achievements and of course leaderboards! All of our levels are designed to have a specific speedrun possibililty... Here one example from the alpha demo![www.seaven-studio.com]

2013. május 14. - Seaven Studio

Hey guys ! Thanks for your support ! We saw that many of you were interested by the game and some feedbacks are sent to us, we can't wait to tell you more about our game.

As you may have noticed the 4 screenshots at the end of our trailer and we thought it might be great to add them to the Greenlight page. Those screenshots are taken from the second world of the game, then you can see the diversity of the environnements we're are working on ! Moreover, they also show you that our game isn't only a puzzler but also a classic platformer. We are planning on showing you some surprises soon, and I guess that the smartest ones of you will notice it on the new screenshots ...

What you guys are eager to see ? Tell us in the comments field or in a thread ! We wait for your ideas and we will try to impress you during the next few days ! Stay tuned !

Don't forget to try the demo[www.seaven-studio.com], there are also secrets in it !

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