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Ethan: Meteor Hunter
Ethan: Meteor Hunter releases on Steam 7th February
4 februari 2014 - Seaven Studio

Guys! Ethan: Meteor Hunter releases on Steam this Friday 7th February and gets a demo!! Also, Vita version, more info over here [www.seaven-studio.com]


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19 opmerkingen
Seaven Studio 12 feb 2014 om 7:12vm 
Superchno 7 feb 2014 om 6:46vm 
Apres avoir entendu mr Pennot sur Late Late boudoir Gambetta j'ai bien envie de donner sa chance au jeu ! Je le connaissais mais je me disais c'est un enieme plateformer puzzle game. Je ne savais pas que vous etiez francais ! Aller today is the day !
Seaven Studio 6 feb 2014 om 1:07vm 
Thanks everybody for the support! TOMORROW IS THE DAY !!

Steam keys will be up on Humble Widget very quickly. We'll try to do the same for Groupees but can't promise, we're not having direct access other there!
Vlex the Airbender 4 feb 2014 om 5:59nm 
Félicitation le chemin à été long , mais finalement vous voilà enfin sur steam , je vous souhaite tout le succés du monde .
Ps: j'ai déjà pris le jeu depuis un petit moment .
UHR 4 feb 2014 om 2:50nm 
Matov 4 feb 2014 om 2:33nm 
Wonderful news, thanks!
ShinDigPig 4 feb 2014 om 1:57nm 
Please pre-generate the keys to have em ready on release date! that'd be much appreciated
K-Boom 4 feb 2014 om 1:47nm 
Nice :D

Congrats on release! Also eager to get my key from Groupees and play the game on Steam
Delphine 4 feb 2014 om 1:38nm 
Yay !
Jarzombek 4 feb 2014 om 10:38vm