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The Novelist
29 de mayo de 2013 - Kent

Hey everyone, first off let me thank you all again for the amazing support you've shown here. Your encouragement and kind words mean a ton to me; I read them all and am truly appreciative of you taking the time to share your thoughts and help me out with a vote.

I've finally gotten a chance to slow down and start doing interviews about the game, and I'll be posting some of them here so you can learn more about the game. Here's an interview I just did for Indie Statik; check it out!


23 de mayo de 2013 - Kent

Hey everyone, first off let me thank you all for the support; it's been incredible seeing so many friendly comments. I do read them, and as an independent developer the encouragement truly does mean a lot. On difficult days, seeing people excited about the game is what keeps me going, so thank you all for your kind words.

I wanted to let you know that IGN just posted a short playthrough video I did with them yesterday: http://www.ign.com/videos/2013/05/23/the-novelist-developer-demo.

It's a bit rushed, as we tried to keep it to 5 minutes and I was playing and talking at the same time, but you can definitely get a sense of how the game plays. The game is based on how your decisions change the family over multiple chapters, which we didn't have time for in this brief video, but it's still worth checking out if you want to see how the player moves through the house, enters memories, and so on.

Hopefully I'll be able to show more footage soon, where you can get a sense for what a full chapter is like and how your choices are presented as you move forward ...

Thanks again for the support, everyone!

P.S. Unfortunately, IGN put the wrong Twitter handle in the video. If you want to follow me on Twitter, my profile is @KentInPublic. They said they're going to fix the video, but I don't know how long that'll take. And if you want to follow the game's official account, it's @TheNovelistGame.

15 de mayo de 2013 - Kent

I've seen a number of comments about Linux, and would like to share the state of the state here by copy/pasting a post I made a few days back. The game will not launch with Linux support, but I plan to add it as quickly after launch as I reasonably can.

There are two reasons I'm not launching with it:

1) I only have a Unity 3.5 license, and it would be another $1,500 on top of the $1,500 I've already spent to upgrade to Unity 4 for Linux support.

2) I don't have a way to test on Linux, whereas my friends & colleagues all have Mac/Win machines. To support Linux right now would have some pretty big development overhead (buying a Linux box, coordinating a group of strangers who have Linux machines for testing, etc), and since I'm the only guy making the game I just can't manage that extra component while trying to finish the game.

That said, as long as the game doesn't bomb I absolutely plan to buy a Unity 4 license post-ship and release the game on Linux in short order. I need to focus on the two platforms I can test and support when I ship the original game, but once that massive milestone is out of the way I'll have time to look at Linux support.

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