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The Novelist
2013. augusztus 8. - Kent

Check it out!


I'm incredibly happy to share that The Novelist has been Greenlit. I can't say how much your support has meant to me. Your positive comments and votes have been a constant source of encouragement for me as I work on the game, and I cannot thank you enough.

But I'll at least try one more time:


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45 megjegyzés
Anonym_from_north 2013. szept. 2. @ de. 6:07 
I look forward to that. it look like a awsome game!!!
ShuShaeShen 2013. aug. 24. @ du. 12:17 
Awesome. I'll keep an eye out for it in the Store.
Kent 2013. aug. 21. @ du. 1:54 
Thanks so much for the encouragement, everyone! I'm super excited to have the game on Steam ... :-)
linhchens 2013. aug. 19. @ de. 1:59 
You've earned it!! Congratulations, and we cannot wait to get our hands on it (:
~{KSC}~Mr. Killeverything 2013. aug. 18. @ du. 10:05 
Robertson Crusoe 2013. aug. 18. @ de. 11:28 
This concept deserves the greenlight. It looks great and innovative and I can't wait to see the final result. :)
Spooky Ghost 2013. aug. 16. @ du. 5:42 
Looking forward to it!!
northern lights 2013. aug. 16. @ de. 12:56 
Looks great!
gonegoat 2013. aug. 15. @ du. 1:50 
This looks awesome. I can't wait!
jdobem 2013. aug. 15. @ de. 5:17 
pre-ordered already! yay!