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Defender Story: Episode 1
Defender Story: mini competition - write dialogs and get your prose immortalized in game...
June 15, 2013 - Gentr1

Hi all,

Tired of seeing bad writing in video games? Want to see truly brilliant witty and funny dialog? Then go no further. Grab the opportunity to make defender story characters ooze monthy-pythonic craziness and have fun writing a dialog between Arlong and one of the eight in game characters...
Rules are simple: up to a page long.
There are 8 different characters: archer, black guard inquisitor, knight paladin, vampire girl, big barbarian, ranger girl, badly burned witch girl, and necromancer.
Choose the one you like and create a small dialog between that one character and Arlong.
The best dialogs will be selected in a couple of weeks and put in game, your name will figure in the credits, and your prose will be immortalized !! :)