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Defender Story: Episode 1
June 15, 2013 - Gentr1

Hi all,

Tired of seeing bad writing in video games? Want to see truly brilliant witty and funny dialog? Then go no further. Grab the opportunity to make defender story characters ooze monthy-pythonic craziness and have fun writing a dialog between Arlong and one of the eight in game characters...
Rules are simple: up to a page long.
There are 8 different characters: archer, black guard inquisitor, knight paladin, vampire girl, big barbarian, ranger girl, badly burned witch girl, and necromancer.
Choose the one you like and create a small dialog between that one character and Arlong.
The best dialogs will be selected in a couple of weeks and put in game, your name will figure in the credits, and your prose will be immortalized !! :)

June 15, 2013 - Gentr1

Hi all,
Big news!
A free lite version of the game (with first 6 levels accessible) is now a available for download on the newly created game website at
The full version of the game is also now available for purchase via paypal at the same address.

June 11, 2013 - Gentr1

A new video presenting basic game mechanics is available. It shows just a few hints on unit placement, plus a few tips some units unique abilities. I will probably do another one with in depth exploration of units types.

June 9, 2013 - Gentr1

Hi everybody,

After several months of hard work, I am glad to present my oncoming tower-defense/RPG game: Defender Story episode 1.

This game was made in between jobs at home, and a cute 9 months old baby running stubbornly under my computer table... Quite an adventure, really... Did not know making a game could be so intense :)

This game would not have been without the talented artwork of Victor Garcia Puig. Please go see his deviantart site at . An artbook of the game will be available there for free. This is an opportunity to know more about an amazing artist and off course to get beautiful dark fantasy artwork.

The whole thing was programmed in Java using LibGdx... Hats off to the Libgdx library and its great open source community !!! You guys rock !! Needless to say you need to have Java on your machine to run the game.

Musically speaking, I was permitted to use materials created by the following artists. Please go to their site, peruse, and download them. They are not just good, they are amazing.
Polovtsian Dances piano Borodin by Lisztlovers on youtube
Sergei Rachmaninoff: Vocalise (e minor) op. 34/14 (1912) - Fernanda Ohara and Fabio Costa available at from FabioCostaMusic on Youtube

Looking forward to hear from you all!



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