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Galaxy Life
A social game on Steam... why?
May 13, 2013 - Digital Chocolate

With Galaxy Life we aimed to a “midcore” players’ audience. We started to move our focus from the more casual free 2 play to somewhere in between this and the hardcore crowd.

We want to make games fun for the traditional gamer, and at the same time, to allow him to play with his friends and family. These people belong to a user base that traditionally does not play in platforms such as Steam or consoles but instead plays free to play games on Facebook or iOS.

We want to deliver a fun game with strategy concepts to both communities, where competition and cooperation with friends are tied together. We love to please our community, its voice is always strongly heard in our studio and every suggestion is seriously considered by our team.

One of our community’s aspirations is to have an improved solid desktop version of the game released, a version of the game that will allow them to fight with their Steam accounts and friends. We need your help to accomplish that though, the Steam community deserves a lot of respect and we would be delighted to count with their support.