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Galaxy Life
May 13, 2013 - Digital Chocolate

When people hears about social free 2 play games they think that it is about clicking and waiting until some sort of reward is ready and about spamming all of your friends in Facebook. That is simply not the case with Galaxy Life.

It is important to note that any user is able to unlock all the content and features of the game without any micro-transactions being required, with the exception of the Star Trek: The Next Generation content because it is a licensed product of CBS. In a similar friendly fashion the game does not require you to harass your friends in order to progress in the game.

Instead, in our game you get to build an army of aliens to conquer the universe in a persistent world populated by more than 30 million players, coming all from several platforms.

With these resources you will unlock and upgrade new flying spaceships, mech vehicles or troop units to fight other players. As the general, you would need to deploy your units at the right time and place to avoid/destroy their defenses more efficiently.

You will also be able to unlock, upgrade and strategically place awesome defense units like cannons, sniper turrets, mortars, freeze towers, walls, traps, bunkers full of units, energy shields and more.

You can help your friends by sending them resources or even some of your units, speeding up construction time of their key buildings and so on. You can team up with others in alliances to fight together against other alliances.

Are you ready for Rival Battles? Add some extra thrill to the game by betting against other players! Featuring weekly, monthly and all time player rankings, Galaxy Life has a wealth of features to discover. We could not possibly list all the features of the game here so why not let the Steam community be able to discover them for themselves.

May 13, 2013 - Digital Chocolate

With Galaxy Life we aimed to a “midcore” players’ audience. We started to move our focus from the more casual free 2 play to somewhere in between this and the hardcore crowd.

We want to make games fun for the traditional gamer, and at the same time, to allow him to play with his friends and family. These people belong to a user base that traditionally does not play in platforms such as Steam or consoles but instead plays free to play games on Facebook or iOS.

We want to deliver a fun game with strategy concepts to both communities, where competition and cooperation with friends are tied together. We love to please our community, its voice is always strongly heard in our studio and every suggestion is seriously considered by our team.

One of our community’s aspirations is to have an improved solid desktop version of the game released, a version of the game that will allow them to fight with their Steam accounts and friends. We need your help to accomplish that though, the Steam community deserves a lot of respect and we would be delighted to count with their support.

May 13, 2013 - Digital Chocolate

Digital Chocolate is best known for our addictive games for Java phones, smartphones/tablets and gaming websites supporting social features.

In these three markets we were one of the top five biggest companies at a certain point in time, with over a hundred million downloads/unique users and more than a hundred awards.

We are committed to create easy to play videogames, games that are playable and enjoyable by the vast majority of users. Even though, we are aware that casual and social games are not always welcome by the hardcore users’ community, we strongly believe that Steam has room for our very special title.

The Galaxy Life development team is a mixture of passionate and enthusiastic recently graduated students and really experienced people who previously worked in recognized companies of the industry such as Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Criterion, THQ, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Rebellion, Supermassive Games, Psygnosis, Gameloft, Tragnarion, Gaelco and others.

May 9, 2013 - Digital Chocolate

Hi all!

We are really proud to announce that thanks to a recent deal with CBS, starting this week we feature several official Star Trek The Next Generation game items, including the fan-favorite USS Enterprise! :

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