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The Forest
március 19. - ben

Hey everyone,

Here’s our third trailer, showing a more extended look at some of our survival systems and also what life is like in the forest a little further into the game.

Attached to this latest trailer is our new targeted release date - we’re a little behind with our ambitious early 2014 release but overall things are progressing really well. We've been adding lots of cool stuff and hope you guys like what we have been up to.

Thanks again for all your support, emails and comments both here and on facebook, Youtube and other sites. You guys have made this game possible and we really want it to be an amazing experience for everyone (which is why we keep delaying it!)

Ben and the team at Endnight Games


január 23. - ben

Hey Everyone,

We've just uploaded some new screenshots showing a bit more of the world of 'The Forest'


január 13. - ben

Hey Guys,

We recently talked to Eurogamer for around an hour going into a bunch of detail on what players can expect in 'The Forest' Check it out at:


2013. december 11. - ben

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to post a quick update on our release plan. We've been aiming for an end of year alpha release, but as Christmas approaches we’re realizing there’s still a lot of work left to do.

Our new target date for the alpha release on steam is early 2014. We’ll try and open pre-orders before then and also post some new screenshots and videos soon.

We've been adding a lot of features to the game and also improving the visuals and so we feel it’s going to be worth the extra wait.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and messages. You guys have all been awesome and we really appreciate all the help in spreading the word about our game!


2013. november 10. - ben

Hey guys, here’s our second trailer, showing life in the forest a few weeks after the initial plane crash

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