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v0.3.5 Public Builds Are Up!
June 9, 2013 - surge17

Alright, here's a quick list of the new stuff in the v0.3.5 build:

- New music + tutorial track! (still work in progress)
- Added camera control (right analog stick / mouse)
- Audio based parts ring color
- Tweaked Warping to be more abrupt/violent (still no happy with it though)
- Reverted default FOV back to 90 (was 60 in previous build)
- Various tweaks, polish and back-end changes.

I HIGHLY recommend that you play on Windows with a gamepad, it's the way I've been playing it all this time and the controls are tuned for that. The only problem with the Mac version right now is that the drivers situation means that the barrel roll and the right stick camera rotation probably won't work properly.

As always, please post your feedback in the dedicated discussion thread:

As for the Oculus Rift build, I'm hoping get some hands on time with the devkit later in the week, probably a new build for it by next weekend.


v0.3.5 Build Links:



And a gameplay video of it in action with Lose Yourself To Dance (weird audio lag in the video, not sure why Youtube is having trouble with it)