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Damned: A Randomized Online Competitive/Cooperative Horror Game
23 de Maio de 2013 - 9heads

Hi everybody!

We just uploaded a new video describing our randomization system for Damned. Be sure to watch, we really want to know what you think about it. Receiving feedbacks from you guys as much as possible is the main key to make a better game.

16 de Maio de 2013 - 9heads

We've been collecting suggestions on how the game should be for the last days, we mixed the suggestions with our initial idea for the monster and we came up with this draft for the monster gameplay.

First of all, we noticed a lot of people had doubts on how the monster gameplay would be. And we decided to give a more detailed explanation on that.

The monster will be able to alternate between a ghostly and a physical state.
He'll have a vital energy. While being in the ghost form, this energy will regenerate with a random rate.
Once it fills up, he'll be able to become physical, and now the energy will be constantly consumed, also with a random rate, but faster than the regeneration.
Once the energy reaches zero, the monster is forced back into his ghost form.
Also, at any time, the monster will be able to go into his ghost form, but then, his energy will drop down to zero and start regenerating all over again.

While in the ghost form, the monster won't be able to see or hear the survivors (nor their flashlights). The ghost gameplay is focused on scaring the players (if the monster is lucky enough) and acquiring skills to use when he becomes physical. There will be a few random items (for each time the monster becomes ghost) which the monster can interact with, triggering eerie noises and events, like radio static coming out of and old radio, or a piano playing by itself, etc.
Each time a ghost interacts with a 'scare item', that item will become unusable (until the monster becomes ghost again, and if the game randomizes this item to become usable) and the game will check if there's at least one survivor in the 'scaring range' (being effectively scared), so, if the monster actually manage to affect a survivor, he'll gain a special skill, available to use once he becomes physical.
Also, for each survivor the monster manage to scare, he'll gain an energy bonus to help him become physical faster.
So the ghost form is about being lucky enough to use a 'scare item' and have survivors around being scared by that.

Now when the monster becomes physical he'll be able to see and hear the survivors. But he's gonna have to move fast, because his vital energy will start being consumed. He'll have a few skills (if he managed to collect them while being ghost) to help him hunt the survivors, such as screaming really loud and becoming faster for a few seconds or turning off all the survivors' flashlights (for now, each skill will have a cooldown in order to be usable again).
Also, while being physical, the monster will always have the ability to kill a survivor. And when he kills a survivor, he'll gain an energy boost, and be able to stay physical for longer.

For now, the monster wins if he manage to kill all the survivors before they finish the stage.

And keep in mind that the game will be balanced provided we balance it. It doesn't have to be unbalanced just because the survivors can't affect the monster. The monster will only be overpowered if we fail in properly balancing the game.

There are a lot of good suggestions regarding the monster gameplay we're still considering, such as allowing the monster to win by driving all the survivors insane (assuming we include a insanity system).

Remember, this is just a draft, everything explained here can change. Our objective isn't to make this game exactly the way we're planning it (nor to keep insisting in a set of bad rules, just cause they are the rules we designed), but instead, our ultimate goal is to make this game really good and terrifying, this is what really matter.

Best Regards,

9heads Game Studios.

9 de Maio de 2013 - 9heads

Meet Mia, the first Damned survivor to step out of our studio.
Mia isn’t a popular girl, she’s not a sociable student, but in Damned hotel she will not be alone, she’ll have to cooperate with the other survivors in order to live past this experience.
Usually girls in horror movies scream, run and die. Mia is here to make it different, she’ll do everything necessary to escape alive.

You can help make this game possible by contributing with {LINK REMOVIDO}.

9heads Game Studios

3 de Maio de 2013 - 9heads

We are running a campaign on Indiegogo to try and raise funds to our project.
If you liked the game concept and idea, your help is really important to make it happen.

We are also offering a lot of cool perks for backers, you can become one of the characters, help us create a brand new monster, have a very special tag ingame, create a portrait or a special object to be placed throughout the hotel and others.

Check the campaign here:

Help us spread the word,

Thanks for your time and attention.

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