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Damned: A Randomized Online Competitive/Cooperative Horror Game
Update Released
July 12, 2013 - 9heads

Our first update got released. Here's the changelog:
Map/Level Design

- Removed some key spawn points in the ground.
- Added another big asset in the corridor.
- Added more tables and boxes in the Saloon.
- Changed the mesh and icon for a specific key.
- Fixed lots of places where the monster could get stuck.
- Fixed lots of minors issues with the level, objects and assets.

Monster Mechanics

- Reduced the maximum amount of time that the monster can stay visible.
- Increased the time penalty when going into ghost mode without having the energy fully depleted.


- Textures in the main loby should now be displaying correctly.
- Textures in the crown should now be displaying correctly.
- Texture of the bar floor should now be displaying correctly.


- Reduced chat font size.
- Added a chat box in the lobby screen.
- Added a warning in the title screen so people remember to adjust their alpha.
- Reset chat window when showing the lobby screen.

Gameplay & Bug Fixes

- Fixed dead bodies collisions being thrown around or going under the floor.
- Tweaked flashlight flare.
- Changed default gamma to 0.8.
- Slightly increased the ranges triggering the musics related to monster proximity.
- Added some debug messages in the background window to track the reliable packets sent (may help us detect bugs with the net code).
- Fixed bug causing a player to get locked in the "Wait for the host to start..." when entering a match that has already started.
- Fixed bug causing crash in a dead player client when other players are getting his/her items or when he/she attempts to leave the match.
- Lots of minor bug fixes.

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