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Reprisal Universe
Another progress update
May 7, 2014 - electrolyte*

Here's an update on some bits and bobs that have been happening over the last few weeks.

The UI has almost been finished. The in game pause UI will list island objectives. This will be key later in the Universe islands where different tasks may be needed to successfully conquer islands.

The mini-map is now mono to fit in better with the rest of the UI. I’ve also been balancing the ‘Tidal Storm’ totem power which used to flatten the entire island by one tile. I’m changing this so that there is more of an erosion meaning you can protect settlements by building mountains around them. You will also be able to place it so that it ripples out.

All the totem powers are being overhauled to have 'class' based levels of effect. So for example the Volcano height and it's (new) lava flow's will be effected by it's class level making it higher and the trails longer.

Other bits and bobs include

Added / Fixed
- Default tool switches to terraform totem to save clicks
- Tutorials added to islands 1 and 2
- Updated UI on island selection to make it a bit clearer
- New mouse pan mode, hold down ‘space’ and move mouse around to scroll
- New ‘screen capture’, allows you to save a PNG screen without UI / Hud
- Bug fixed on merge with one populant left
- Save game slots have been removed in favour of just having one ... to simplify everything
- Skirmish mode let's you tailor what totems you want available

And just added the ability to capture the game screen without any of the UI and save it to your HD as a png :D

If you have already brought the original Reprisal on Desura, there is currently a beta version thats been added to it's branch. It's an early day build of the Campaign islands, so its mainly aimed at existing players.

As always you can keep up to date on prgress here or you can stalk me on twitter @16bitsperpx