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Dogfight Elite
16 mars, 2016 - Joaquin

Hi everyone!

Finally, after two years we were able to release the first Beta of Dogfight Elite.

The beta is available for download on Apple, Android, Amazon and Windows Store at the moment. We are working on Mac, Xbox and Oculus version next and building a Steam version as I write this.

You can download for all available platforms at

We hope you enjoy Dogfight Elite as much as we've enjoyed creating it!

4 maj, 2013 - Joaquin

Hi guys!
Only 24 hours left. We need your support on kickstarter or this game is not getting funded, and we don't want that! Check

See you in the skies!

1 maj, 2013 - Joaquin

Hi guys!
Only 3 days left. We need your support on kickstarter. If you like the game, come join us even if for a bit at

See you in the skies!

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