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Kraven Manor

Hi all!

We know we have been silent for a long time and for that we are sad. But, while we haven't seemed very active, in reality we have been toiling away getting this game Steam-ready for you! We have added new languages, added cloud save support, and much more. You can check the Kraven Manor steam page here!

Thanks for being patient! Prepare to get scared again September 26!

Click here to go to IndieDB and download the demo.

Hi Steam Greenlighters! We are happy to announce we have released a new demo for Kraven Manor. The demo highlights final gameplay and polish and is presented as a modified intro to the game. The demo includes:

  • Experience a hauntingly beautiful first person atmosphere
  • Hear chilling symphonies and sounds that will have you looking over your shoulder
  • Become the architect of Kraven Manor by constructing a scale model of the house itself
  • Prepare for tension, puzzles, and a mounting threat that avoids the cheap scare
  • Beware a unique antagonist that pursues you relentlessly to the final moments
  • Find a collectible secret hidden within the Manor that teases a special ending
  • Play Nightmare Mode for a scarier challenge and a battery for your flashlight
  • Robust graphical settings and custom key binding options
  • Get scared in 11 Languages

Kraven Manor took home both the Best Gameplay and Best Visual Quality awards at the GDC Intel University Games Showcase!

We want to thank you, the fans, for all of your support and love! We wouldn't be here without you!

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