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Fish vs. Crabs

Fish vs. Crabs released yesterday for iPad. It was a tough choice to omit iPhone, but the game played so much better on the iPad that we thought it was worth restricting it for now. After the UI updates we are doing for console play and the rift we will evaluate whether that works better for mobile and enable for the iPhone.

January 8 - Swift Creek Games

Fish vs. Crabs has shipped on a number of mobile and standalone platforms, such as Amazon, Google Play, Desura, Mac Game Store and others. Feel free to check it out, but please do tell your friends about the Steam Greenlight page to help us push through. We're determined to bring this game to you on Steam.

We will also assist in figuring out how to transition players from other sites to Steam.

The next game update is in beta and is expected to release within the next 2 weeks. We'll be updating screen shots soon.

October 28, 2013 - Swift Creek Games

Fish vs. Crabs is finally out of beta and is available for play as a Release Candidate build. This is one of the last chances to play the game for free before it releases. Please take advantage of this opportunity, and the only thing we ask in return is for you to report the bugs at

Remember: We're giving out t-shirts for bugs. It's a good time to replenish the wardrobe. :)

September 28, 2013 - Swift Creek Games

Greetings Tower Defense Fans,

Fish vs. Crabs is nearing completion and is now in public beta with new drops happening regularly. Download for PC/Mac/Linux at and send all bug reports to Active bug reporters have a chance at a T-Shirt and other swag.

Greenlight or not, this game is going to launch even if not on steam. We are integrated with Steamworks so if you want to play with your Steam friends or have a chance at playing the game on Steam OS, then we definitely need your help to get the game through the pipes. Be sure you ask your friends to vote and make some noise.

Thanks a ton
Swift Creek Games Devs

June 10, 2013 - Swift Creek Games

Fish vs. Crabs is available to play this week at E3 in the OUYA booth! If you are in Los Angeles this week, stop by and give it a spin. If it wasn't obvious, yes, we run on OUYA. Don't worry, Steam is our first love. Help us get through Greenlight by telling your friends about it and keep voting.

Public beta is coming soon so stay tuned for that. We've been working hard to get the game in your hands and have it be a solid experience. Tons of visual improvements, performance improvements, and crab munching fun. There's still some bugs but we'll fix'em. The artists are working like crazy and the audio people have delivered 92 sound effects so far (looking for that 100 mark) to create a very organic and non-repetitive experience.

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