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Papers, Please
Playable Beta 0.5.13 [Updated Once More]
11 kwietnia 2013 - dukope

Download it here for Windows & Mac[dukope.com]
Just a few bug fixes.

  • No new content.
  • Show helpful error when trying to run without enough OpenGL.
  • Fixed some issues with continuing a game in progress.
  • Fixed "Invalid News0" citation message.
  • Fixed crash when continuing from day 9.
  • Fixed double-detain bug on scripted entrants.
  • Corrected citation penalty amount text.
  • Removed Jorji and made day 3 a much more casual-friendly experience.
  • Just kidding. It seems the last fix worked. No more changes to day 3.

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Komentarzy: 106
Hangmars 17 stycznia 2014 o 3:51
➵ Squilliam 10 czerwca 2013 o 16:13 
whenever i try to download this i can't find a way to play the game
Valkyrian 2 maja 2013 o 15:55 
When will Jorji get in?
Irongiant72 1 maja 2013 o 18:48 
Nice! ...Lar Lar, "throwing money at the screen in anticipation!" freaking brilliant hahahahaha
[π] Lar Lar 1 maja 2013 o 15:04 
Ka-Bar 1 maja 2013 o 4:34 
Holy shit man heaps good game
DERGONS 30 kwietnia 2013 o 19:21 
I just started and finished the beta today, and the wait for the official release is UNBERABLE!!!
Mjollnir Omniknight 30 kwietnia 2013 o 17:46 
I've only seen this game on youtube and I'm itching to try. Will each day's entrants be randomized so that each playthrough is different?
Barvey Hirdman 30 kwietnia 2013 o 14:44 
Jorji best illegal immigrant 2013!
de baas 30 kwietnia 2013 o 7:54 
game is fun