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Spaced: Genesis
May 3 - Glacise

As of now the desktop version, is completed and I am looking for an optimal distribution platform. Mobile is still in the works and may be finished in a few weeks.

March 31 - Glacise

Im currently in the process of porting a version of the game to mobile platforms. In addition i have been improving textures in the pc build. A working mobile version for android should be completed by the summer.

January 29 - Glacise

Back to editing and v1.3.1. A download is available at

Will also be posting more pictures in the coming days.

April 11, 2013 - Glacise

I have improved some of the visual features of the game. Due to the change of style, i have to upload new footage and will do it after 4/12/13 2:00 EST.

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