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Rollers of the Realm
16 agosto 2013 - Phantom Compass

Rollers of the Realm director David Evans sat down with the fine folks of Greenlit Gaming[] to talk about our pinball RPG. Some great tidbits in this video, including discussion of our mechanics, art and voice acting. Check it out!

30 luglio 2013 - Professor Complicated

Gamezebo got a grip on our almost-beta build this week, and published favorable results[]!

'...Rollers of the Realm manages to feel like a role-playing first; one that just happens to use pinball mechanics as a way to tell its story.'
Read the full preview here[]!

7 luglio 2013 - Phantom Compass

Our July 3rd demo is making the rounds (sign up for our mailing list[] if you missed out), and so far we're getting great feedback and commentary!

Hands-on preview[] by The Genius Inc

Pinball Wizards Whip Up an Instant Classic[] on

'it's destined to hit a jackpot.[]' on

Das Flipper-RPG (deutsch, HD) looks like a Let's Play in German, can anyone verify this?

If you like what you see here on Greenlight, or liked our demo, please upvote Rollers and help spread the word! Our deepest thanks to everyone who's already done so <3

30 giugno 2013 - Phantom Compass

Alix and Calvin of RobotLovesKitty (makers of Legend of Dungeon) interviewed our own David Evans on the Greenlight Supershow, Saturday, June 29. Get a look at Chapter 1 of Rollers of the Realm with director interview / Q&A.

24 giugno 2013 - Phantom Compass

Prepare yourselves for June 29th, when we'll join over 25 game devs in a 13+ hour livestream event[]!
Game director David Evans will be representing us for the Supershow, so please join us at 4:30pm EDT/EST to hear the latest Rollers developments.

Also we're thrilled and grateful to be part of the Supershow collection currently featured at the top of the Greenlight Collections page.

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