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Rollers of the Realm
4 Playtests in June!
30 maggio 2013 - Phantom Compass

Itching to try out Rollers? June is playtest month! We're launching our next round of public testing for the PC version of the game on June 10th at Bento Miso in Toronto (and online).

Also catch us on June 4, 15 in Toronto and 29 via livestream -- sign up to our mailing list to receive event details!

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BayerischeMotorenWerke 24 giu 2013, ore 20:08 
Great! Thanks.
Phantom Compass 24 giu 2013, ore 18:32 
Yikes, it's the 29th, sorry! Here are the details so far
BayerischeMotorenWerke 23 giu 2013, ore 9:14 
Is the online gig today or on the 29th? E-mail I received says 23rd, this little bit says 29th.
Phantom Compass 13 giu 2013, ore 17:55 
Thx Jimmy, please say hi to our team on Saturday! Event details here
Jimmy The Saint 13 giu 2013, ore 16:31 
Going to try and come out Saturday - want to play this game!
captkirk_43 4 giu 2013, ore 1:13 
no demo no vote!
Phantom Compass 3 giu 2013, ore 20:31 
Video message from game director Dave Evans added to our gallery and YouTube .
Chaz 30 mag 2013, ore 18:19 
Pinball fingers are ready to launch :)
BayerischeMotorenWerke 30 mag 2013, ore 6:56 
Signed up and ready to roll!