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July 23 - nSwarm

Hi there lovely Greenlight followers, we've released another update on Kickstarter. This time we have some fairly big info:

We're targeting a FALL 2015 RELEASE. Yay!

There's a bit more about playtesting and another screenshot for you in the update itself. :)


The game is very close! So close, in fact, that we've started sending out beta keys to a few backers local to us. We've also put together a super awesome feedback form for them to fill out, as well as performed some face-to-face interviews.

Check it out here:

May 9 - nSwarm

We've posted a new update over at our Kickstarter page!


Originally posted by Pixel Pi:
A while back we shared a few of the early experiments that Joel had been working on. Since then we've gone through many versions to truly refine the feel we're aiming for. In exploring ambient themes versus melodic themes, light themes and dark themes, we've decided to go forward with a two-pronged approach...

Check it out here:

May 9 - nSwarm

Hi everyone!

Sorry we haven't updated this page in a while, we've typically been funneling our news through our Kicstarter page updates, which you can find here:

What you really care about. We're absolutely still developing this game and have full intentions to release it. Take a browse through the Kickstarter updates and you'll get a better idea where we're at.

I'll make sure to crosspost here when we come out with more updates.

Thanks everyone for your support and we hope you're as excited as we are to play the full game!

Pixel Pi

April 13, 2013 - nSwarm

We made it!

Time to make the FULL GAME!

Thanks everyone for the support here on Greenlight and also on Kickstarter. If you missed the campaign, we're going to be setting up Paypal donations on our site[], and possibly selling shirts and Moko plushies!

Stay tuned to and our facebook page for more information!


Team Pixel Pi

April 10, 2013 - Cards

We're in the final stretch for our Kickstarter campaign with less than 24 hours remaining! The extra support in the past few days has been phenomenal, but we've still got a lot to go.

If you like this concept, please help us out with a pledge:

Thank you so much,
Team Pixel Pi

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