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GoD Factory: Wingmen
16. oktober 2013 - Gheeyom

We've observed a very significant bump pledges on our Kickstarter campaign in the last few hours and it must not stop there. We have only two days left and we intend them to use them fully to promote GoD Factory. So we will host a Twitch marathon and stream the game for as long as we can. The more viewers we get, the higher the chances of getting featured by Twitch.

Also, it's a good opportunity to ask us any question you might have. You want to know what will change in the game balance? You wonder how to use an ability? You want tips on how to build a good ship? These are all questions we look forward to answering during our stream.

Link to the stream:

Also don't forget that once the Kickstarter is over, the free demo will also end. So we'd love to see as many players as possible online with us for the last miles of the campaign. We want to leave on a good note!

Also don't hesitate to share videos of your own playtime on youtube and/or twitch and let us know, we'll share them around!

What should you do when you're at a disadvantage and need to score big, fast? You go for the core.

Everyone is ready? Let's do this.

30. september 2013 - Gheeyom

Next weekend, we will hold the first tournament for GoD Factory (the game can be downloaded just below the video on our kickstarter page: ) The exact hours will be determined by the most common timezones of our participants.

To register, please use this form:

Note: You can use twitch to stream your matches instead of recording it then uploading to youtube or such. If you do, please use the special notes section to inform us of the name of the channel where the game will be streamed.


Straight from the start, every team that will participate in all their matches will eventually receive a vanity item. We're thinking of making another special FX for the trails left by the thrusters.

For the winners, we're going to immortalize your team on one of the billboards, in a similar fashion to the $250 reward perk, and we will also let you guys decide of what will be a new color or a new sheen for the ships. You will also get to name them. So if you want a brown with orange polka dots color that goes by the name of Screw You All, you can make it a reality. We are also looking into the possibility of adding more prizes, possibly some hardware to be raffled among finalists and semi finalists or something like that. We're looking for sponsors and we'll let you know if we find more to add to the prize pool :)

So there you go, I hope you will participate in high numbers and use this as a perfect opportunity to test out your skills!

18. september 2013 - Gheeyom

So, with the new website, the new logo, the new trailer, the new screenshots comes the new kickstarter campaign.

We are also offering the game for download for free on our kickstarter, and the build will be playable for the next 30 days.

On another note, we are not #91. We're going up, keep sharing the word, we need to get this game on Steam!

17. september 2013 - Gheeyom

We made a lot of progress on the game and we updated some of the material on our greenlight page to reflect this. We hope that you like the new screenshots and the cover image. By the way, we've nearly reached the top100 on Greenlight!

2. juli 2013 - Gheeyom

Two announcements in a very short timespan I know, but we've just got ourselves up for a stream on Twitch with StreaminCanadian. We'll be answering questions from the chat :-) We'd love to have as many people as possible join in to the stream!
Tonight at 9PM PST!

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