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GoD Factory: Wingmen
You have one month to try the game!
1 juillet 2013 - Gheeyom

Hello everyone, today on the latest kickstarter we revealed our big plan to get back some traction for the final days. We made a build that will be available only for a month. Anyone can download it, not only the backers, so you can get your friends and try it out right now if you want :) Please help us spread the word!


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4 commentaires
Gheeyom 2 juil 2013 à 10h36 
thanks guys!
ℛobotKinℊƎʀɪcᵌ 2 juil 2013 à 5h56 
spreading: activated
Im Spiel 1 juil 2013 à 22h39 
spreading initiated
Potato 1 juil 2013 à 17h54 
Spreading the word!