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Game Dev Tycoon
Game Dev Tycoon got the green light!
16 mei 2013 - Greenheart Games

Valve has announced the next batch of games on Greenlight and Game Dev Tycoon made the list:


A big thanks to everyone who voted for Game Dev Tycoon on Steam!

We will publish more information about our plans for the Steam release in the coming days :)

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264 opmerkingen
MerOo 7 aug 2013 om 0:08 
know i can buy it from steam
bad-fred 4 aug 2013 om 6:17 
It is definatley a awesome game
Skyuau 28 jul 2013 om 7:08 
This would be great!
syNceros 26 jul 2013 om 17:18 
That game is awesome and I WANT IT !!!
Nacho Minirazor 12 jul 2013 om 11:37 
I definately need to get Game Dev Tycoon
you want a martyr, I'll be one 9 jul 2013 om 19:59 
cowboy getting greenlit will allow all steam users to buy game dev tycoon on steam
Tony Bamanabony 6 jul 2013 om 8:51 
now what, what does getting greenlit do?
FELLER 5 jul 2013 om 8:42 
I want to play this game so badly
The Communist Manifesto 4 jul 2013 om 0:18 
i have played it and it gets old after about 5 or 6 games made trust me not worth it. it is very repetitive and boring
Thorn the Tree 1 jul 2013 om 15:56 
i know how the game goes, NOW I WANNA TRY IT MYSELF!