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Assault Android Cactus
August 28, 2013 - SMishra

We're thrilled to announce that Assault Android Cactus now has a live demo and early access release through Steam for Windows, OS X, and Linux!

July 22, 2013 - Sycle

it's been a busy month for us! I headed down to Adelaide to participate in the Indie Games Room[] at AVcon[] then a week later, Sanatana and I headed down to Melbourne to demo at the Frag Labs[] booth at PAX Aus[]!

"To declare a ‘best of show’ winner is perhaps a little redundant for an event meant to showcase developer efforts at all levels, but Assault Android Cactus was the game at AVCon that prompted the most ‘please take my money right now’ responses." - James O'Conner
"Assault Android Cactus was crammed into a booth under a different name, but already showed huge promise with some of the most intuitive twin-stick shooter gameplay I’ve ever seen." - Tim Colwill

I'm now back in Brisbane recovering from the battering my immune system took but we had an interview with Digital Media World about our gameplay and processes[].

And Rock Paper Shotgun covered us but in a way you may not expect! I'm just going to say you have to go see it for yourself!

"I played the hell out of the first five levels. It’s like a dancefloor laser massacre, and you’re Lady Gaga. Greenlight this f***er right now." - Cara Ellison

As a final point, as of last night we officially crossed the threshold of having more Greenlight Yes votes than No votes, so thankyou to everyone for not hating us!

June 8, 2013 - SMishra

We've just finished our first character showcase and it features Cactus using her weapons to annihilate a level from zone 1! You can watch it here:

There is also a new thread in the discussions area with an in-depth FAQ to help give a better understanding of where the game is going, we're keen to answer more questions so start posting!

May 24, 2013 - SMishra

"Witch Beam found the perfect medium between what was fun to play in the past and what works in games today" - We Got This Covered

"Can I give you money now? Because I can throw my wallet at you" - Eight and half bit

"Witch Beam no doubt created a fresh experience that tingles the brain and sharpens the senses" - Blackman'N Robin

"In this case at least, being at the whim of good designers, is a good thing" - 5 Inch Floppy

"I really like how many enemies they're throwing at us all at one time" - Indie Impressions

"Smells like Smash TV " - Nivel Oculto

"it looks and sounds pretty darn impressive" -

"the execution and general polish of presentation in Assault Android Cactus set it apart from many others for me" - indiegames

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