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Granado Espada
June 18, 2014 - Redbana

The colorful history of Granado Espada expands once more with this new expansion! After the coup d'état in Bristia and the deeper exploration into Bahama’s Heaven’s Altar, we now venture into the hallowed lands of the Holy Empire of Armonia.

The introduction of Armonia delves deep into Vincent’s story and his ties to the Abyss, the same force Armonia’s people waged holy war against. But not all is safe, and darkness seeps from the depths of the church. Armonia’s farmlands, Latina, have shown signs of being corrupted by dark, evil monsters that attack anyone who crosses their path. Deep under the church, the sealed En Celar teems with the power of Abyss, with an army preparing for the continuation of the war.

Join the Crusaders’ Deputy Commander, Sirius Rigel in his quest to root out the source of the Abyss.
Sirius’s exclusive stance, the Holy Shielder, is a protective stance blessed with divine power. Those blessed with this power are gifted with high vitality and DEF.

Combat and triumph against the empty husks of consumed humans, the Fragments of Abyss to encounter and battle against the dreaded Abyss Fear.
Use weapons and garments imbued with holy power and rout evil from the world.

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September 11, 2013 - Redbana

This September, we will bring you the epic conclusion to Granado Espada Online's Bristia story arc with its finale, Renauld's Underworld.

Combining Bristia Scenarios 2-2 and 2-3 into one big update, players can expect an overwhelming slew of content. Here is a select few:

New Recruitable Characters!

Two character recruitment quests are available for this update.

Veil, a former Colonel turned commander of the Resistance, is contained in the Tigres Prison and awaits his freedom at your hands. His skill in wielding crossbows in his unique stance Twin Sting is unparalleled, and his recruitment is required to progress in the storyline.

Caisse Kielce, older brother of Cano Kielce and Governor-General of Bristia, finally joins the Pioneering Family upon his emergence from hiding. A formidable tactician and gun master, Caisse wields the exclusive Large Caliber Rifle with his Heavy Stinger stance, and isn’t afraid to use it to secure Bristia’s freedom.

New Raid Mission: Tigres Prison

Tigres Prison is opened to Pioneers who have completed the scenario quest [Captain Veil’s Escape]. Resistance members stalk the floors of the Tigres Prison, and only those confident in their family’s strength can survive to reach the end – where the strongest of them all, the formidable General Renauld, awaits.

Added Scout Expert Stance

The Scout gets an additional boost in this update with their new Expert Stance: Combat Medicine.
Combining their experience in laying down traps and their mastery of buffs, the Scouts display their effectiveness in team configurations with this unique skill. Combat Medicine Stance books can be acquired from Emilia NPC in Coimbra.

Play Time Event: Battle Smith Idge

Players have the chance to get the rare character card Battlesmith Idge simply by accumulating their play time points. If that’s not enough, players can also get Battlesmith Idge equipment: the Evil Polearm (34 AR, non-tradable) and the Silence of Ignisia weapon costume.

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August 12, 2013 - Redbana

[1] What is World Cross PVP (WPVP)?

The World Cross PVP is a system which makes it possible for users from all servers to participate in PVP.

Users can enjoy WPVP with their friends by using the function of Invite Friend.

Users can make their characters grow faster and can purchase various items from World PVP shop by using EXP and purchase points acquired through the system.

[2] Schedule

]b][3] How to Participate[/b]

Users can join the WPVP by clicking the World Cross PVP Icon of Toolbar (Alt + U) or by clicking the Icon created on the right side of the screen during the PVP ongoing time.

<Windows of single and team battles>

Once users click the Participate button, they will automatically be matched with other families who applied to join the WPVP.
In the team battle, only 5:5 is available.

<Window above will appear once users click the Invite Friend button>

Users can enjoy PVP with their friends or faction members by clicking the “Invite Friend” button.

[4] How to Proceed


1) Veteran and above can participate and cannot enter if a character is dead.

2) During WPVP, the Family Attribute and buff are deactivated and World Cross PVP rules are applied.

3) The belongings are removed and equipment cannot be switched during WPVP.

4) The skills of Catalyst items like bullets and Ancient Star Orbs can be used without consuming SP.

5) WPVP will be a best-of-five type of match.

Consumed HP is recovered and used buff and skill cool time are initialized after each round.

6) After WPVP period is over, the one who has the higher score will be the winner.
If WPVP finishes with both parties having the same scores, the game will end in a draw.
If in case of a draw, a rematch will occur without acquisition of scores.

For more info:

July 25, 2013 - Redbana

July delves into the history of Granado Espada with its second Bristia Update: The Scar. Tensions rise in Bristia as the war for independence takes a sudden turn with the disappearance of Governor Caisse Kielce, and with him, the secret of the Bristia Liberation Army and the events of the pivotal Three Year War. It’s a race against time to find his whereabouts, and the conflict between the Royal Guards and the Bloody Navy escalates.

Recruiting Olivia
The traitor and spy Olivia is now available for recruitment in this update of Granado Espada. A melee specialist skilled in using daggers and fists, Olivia proves that she is more than just a capable adjutant, but also a capable fighter.

New Field Map: Bristia, Scar
Once a thriving settlement called Coster Town, the Scar is a new field added to Bristia. The wasteland and casualty of the Three Year War, the city has fallen into decay and its citizens turned into malicious ghosts and undead.

New Weapons and Raid
The Elite Bristia Weapons will be introduced in this patch. Packing more firepower than ever before, the Bristia characters will be empowered by the Elite Bristia Weapons – that is, once the recipes are acquired after braving the deadly Breeze Raid.

The Elite Bristia Weapons which were designed for the Bristia series characters like Marchetti and Cano, give them additional strength and tricks on the field.

Changed Stats
To spice things up, this patch comes with changed status parameters. CHA, a stat that once affected summons alone, will be revised as SEN. Other than the boosts given by CHA, SEN has the added benefit of giving most characters a much-needed casting speed increase, decreasing the period of vulnerability in critical Boss Raids and PVP.

Character Buffs
Those familiar with the three-character party system of Granado Espada more likely than not take advantage of the Team Buff that is granted whenever certain characters are grouped together. The new patch will change that with the Character Buff system. Similar to people bringing in their own expertise to the field, each character adds a buff to the group individually, adding more customization for all players.

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July 3, 2013 - Redbana

Event Duration - June 28 - August 27, 2013.

Change your family name for free during the event period. only one family name can be
changed for an account. Request for change is applied on weekly MA at once.

For more information you can visit this link:

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