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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
Introducing a new game mode, Time Assault
9 janvier 2014 - MAIET Games

Hello again everyone,

Today, I’d like to introduce you a new game mode.
Time Assault mode is a typical siege mode type of match which you can find in many other shooter games. While one team tries to attack and destroy enemy team’s core facility, the other team must defend their core from the intruders.
Back in GunZ 1, players have set their own rules to play Attack & Defend game in Mansion map. We took that idea and made it into the game system to support players who like the kind of match.
We will be adding more and more game modes to keep our gamers busy once the game is released.

Watch Video Here

Enjoy the video :)

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31 commentaires
Rain 28 jan 2014 à 10h45 
If you guys want to play GunZ 1 there's only one Original based Official ijji like server i joined at www.Gunzduels.com come play this its new. until GunZ 2 comes out.
AlphaDessire 15 jan 2014 à 21h01 
hopefully publish the game this week
J O F 15 jan 2014 à 10h49 
When its coming out? They said it was this week.
Blood&gun 15 jan 2014 à 7h20 
FINALLY a gamemode that people need to folo!
i was annoyed last time when people break the rules
kyoshire 15 jan 2014 à 1h15 
Postponed again huh. Can you keep to your bloody promise or not announce at all?
Soneca 14 jan 2014 à 9h49 
Knee 13 jan 2014 à 18h51 
i hope medstyle comes back
i loved that
Moogle - s!ck b4nt3r /\/\8 13 jan 2014 à 8h31 
telling them to release it doesnt make it come any faster, early access schedual is announced this week so it could be late this week or next week or later.
Sparda's Second 12 jan 2014 à 15h00 
release it.
veryporno 11 jan 2014 à 17h37 
I want it now