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GunZ 2: The Second Duel
AMA with GunZ 2 Developers
23 de mayo de 2013 - MAIET Games

Greetings fans,

It's been two months since we posted GunZ 2: the Second Duel on Greenlight. I would like to thank you all for your support and interest in our game. You have been fantastic supporters, and thanks to you, we are now ranked 15th on Greenlight.

To deliver you our sincere message directly and to keep you updated on our progress, we'd like to have an AMA session. Both Venister and I will be actively responding to your questions, and some of our developers will give you feedbacks as well. As long as it is related with GunZ 2, you can ask us anything.

Please visit below Reddit page for AMA session:

I look forward to hearing great ideas of yours and to giving you status quo update on the project.
Thank you!
- Guntrix

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50 comentarios
!!!! 31 jul. 2013 a las 11:34 
Great news! Reddit Gunz2 has a new moderator and will now be moderated :) Be active there!
Taserface 22 jul. 2013 a las 14:08 
Make it Happen....
Arkloum 22 jun. 2013 a las 1:54 
AlloyMorph 13 jun. 2013 a las 12:35 
Old school shooting mixed with DmC-like swordplay?! I'm in. Make it beautiful to play.
۞double d۞ 10 jun. 2013 a las 3:17 
Wow I would LOVE to play this! Miss the old GunZ days... RELEASE NOW PLEASE!!!!!
Xana Roxa 9 jun. 2013 a las 0:40 
vamos soltar essa bagaça ai logo
[TAW] Loud Spy 7 jun. 2013 a las 14:55 
I've been looking forwards to this game for years. I played iGunZ from day 1 and always loved it.
Weulf 6 jun. 2013 a las 4:47 
I wish we could see where it was at in ranking now. -.-
Leona Love 5 jun. 2013 a las 1:20 
Tru 4 jun. 2013 a las 11:19 
Go go! i really want this game on my library!