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Mission Against Terror
14. april - Suba Games

We will be revising some existing Level Up gifts that players receive for free when they gain new levels. Some existing guns will be removed in exchange for much better ones. This will affect lower ranked as well as high ranked players.

10. februar - Suba Games

Mission Against Terorr: Legacy will come out in March of this year! What is MAT Legacy? It is the same game but with quite a few upgrades including but not limited to: a new user interface, new weapon functions, and new modes! We are also going to implement lower pricing and more permanent items for sale for gold as well as silver users.

15. januar - Suba Games

Greetings one and all! We have added the "2048" mini-game into MAT. Solve the puzzle and you win a permanent Zebra Suit!

14. januar - Suba Games

We've recently changed our marriage sytem into a non-paid one, so anyone can marry anyone else in the game for FREE. Hey, who knows, maybe you'll start a real relationship in MAT, like some of our existing couples.

We also added 9 premium permanent guns as free item drops in our Dragon, Snake, Hybrids, and Inferno modes. Some of these guns can be purchased in the item shop, others cannot, but you can sure win them!

5. januar - Suba Games

We've changed some of the rewards around for a few of the AI modes(excluding robot mode)to now include some premium guns ranging from 15 day durations to permanent.

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