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Mission Against Terror
May 9 - Suba Games

We have lowered the prices for dance cards, which allow you to heal in most game modes. This is in order to boost sales and offer the players much better value. Enjoy!

May 9 - Suba Games

Based on player feedback, we will be continuing our changes to the game to improve the experience for both non-paying and paying users. In an upcoming patch we will add 4 new silver(non-paying) weapons that are currently gold, and a number of accessories. A few changes will be made to a select few gold accessories as well.

April 9 - Suba Games

Based on player feeback, we have lowered the amount of damage that fire grenades do in the game. We have also made one of these grenades available to non-paying users. If there is a need to lower the damage further, then we will do so based on tests.

April 9 - Suba Games

We've changed 10 of our gold guns into silver ones in tonight's patch, which means 10 more weapons to use for non-paying users.


April 3 - Suba Games

We'll be releasing the Hide and Seek mode next week. This mode works in the following way: 1 team of players disguises themselves as objects and hides somewhere on the map. Meanwhile, the second team has to find them. They do so by hitting or shooting objects that they believe are the opposing players in disguise. If they're wrong they will lose HP, if they're right they will get a kill. In addition to that, the team that is hiding can pick up power ups on the map to help them sneak around, such as temporary invisibility and a speed boost.

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