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Operation Black Mesa
July 29, 2013 - Mc.Sug4r

UPDATE: Website is up and running. Thank you for your patience!

We apologize for our website being down. It's caused by inconvenience with our former webhost provider and we hope everything will get fine as soon as possible.

If you recently applied for the team (through the discussion board or Email -> and we still haven't contacted you, please re-send your applications at to avoid any inconveniences.

To bring some positive news on the table, we have just released small update on Moddb. You may want to check it out :).

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Your Tripmine studios team.

July 17, 2013 - Mc.Sug4r

Greetings everyone!

It's 116 days since we kickstarted our Greenlight campaign. Your support is great there. So far, we have got 62,385 votes and we occupy 4th place out of 1 369 games. We must admit that it's a little bit surprising for us as well. Without proper trailer, we got quite far in the Greenlight campaign. And all of this thanks to you and your faith in our project. We owe you a beer.

Where is the trailer we promised, you ask? We realize that trailer was promised quite long time ago. It's important to say, that our priority is to deliver you the best trailer we can, no matter how long it takes. We want to tease you and leave you impressed. And as we know, these things, they take time.

Trailer takes some time for several reasons. One of those reasons is the fact we currently focus a lot on content adjustments and weapon completion. With our deadline for multiplayer release, we are about to finish all the weapons, stamp them as final and get ready for the first multi-player release, but of course also get them ready for single-player experience.

Many weapons are re-worked completely from ground up, some are re-animated and others get just small facelift. One example we can show you right now is the new Tripmine model, released with this update. Just compare it with old one, which one do you like more? :)

Apart from this, we also recently moved over to Source SDK 2013. That's major news for everyone, as it provides us with several new features. We are happy to announce, that Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty will support Linux, Mac and Oculus rift, no matter if we pass through the Greenlight or not. The good news is the port to this new SDK will not cause major delays and just small portion of the code is needed to be remade.

Before we close this update, I would like to assure those who are interested in Guard Duty, a remake of Half-Life: Blue Shift, that the project is still alive. We decided to put it behind a curtain and focus on Operation Black Mesa in terms of media releases, mainly because of the Greenlight.

And last, but not least, we are looking for some talented individuals, who would be able to help us with the project. With the solid deadline for multiplayer (Q1 2014), we are looking for more people to speed up the development process. Getting more people aboard is important not only to hit the deadline, but also make sure we can handle to deliver patches and new content for the multiplayer after we roll out the first playable beta, while still actively working on the single-player.

How to apply? It's very easy. We recommend to read short application guidelines to get all the important information about our requirements and steps you need to take to apply.[]

Here are our prioritized positions:

3D artist
We are looking for talented 3D artists, who would be able to deliver props and/or characters at our request.


At least one year of modelling experience
Ability to create low-poly models with UVW-maps
Ability to provide high-poly models for generating normal maps
Ownership of suitable modelling software, such as 3Ds Max, Maya, Zbrush etc.

3D animator
As an animator, you bring characters, creatures and objects to life.


Established operating experience with a common 3D animation software
Good communication skills, accepting feedback from fellow team members and improving your work based on it
Ability to deliver smooth, detailed, authentic movement sequences on request

Level designer
We are looking for creative level designers able to craft levels for the single player as well as multiplayer component.


Expert knowledge of Source SDK's Hammer Editor, its I/O system and optimization techniques
Ability to build aesthetically appealing, yet gameplay stimulating environments, encouraging exploration and tactical thinking
Good communication skills, accepting and giving valuable feedback

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Is not your position listed, but willing to help? Don't hesitate to apply! Talented and nice people are always welcome among us.

NOTE: We are not looking for composers, voice actors, playtesters, webmasters. The contribution for our projects is free of charge!

Sadly, it's that time again to conclude this update. If you miss us a lot, maybe you can come over to our community forum[] and give us some feedback, or just chat with us? You are all welcome to join our small community there.

June 10, 2013 - Nick

Hello there.
I'm Uphys, the latest composer for Operation Black Mesa.

Today we'd like to share the new OBM Main Theme with you.
As I begin working on the soundtrack once again, I'm fully aware that I'll merely be able to please a desirably high percentage of our audience, as each of us envisions the setting and atmosphere of Opposing Force in their own fashion; yet I welcome any piece of useful feedback or criticism that comes my way.

Listen to the track on YouTube.

Thanks, once again, for all your votes. We really appreciate it!

May 28, 2013 - Mc.Sug4r

Hello again!

It's time to uncover our promised AI presentation. This short presentation will showcase some of the new features of our new advanced AI. As mentioned in the last updates, it's only the CODE presentation. The content is placeholders and not created by Tripmine Studios. The presentation can be seen here.

Our goal is to bring you AI, that will be challenging yet not frustrating. The new behaviour our programmers are implementing is the result of these efforts. Enemies are now more flexible and can follow you through the environments. Obstacles that used to be insurmountable problem in the original games and still are in the most of the modern games are not problem anymore for our NPCs. Check out the video presentation to get an idea.

The new AI system will work with all the NPCs. That means that not only enemies are smarter, but also your fellow collegues and Black Mesa personell can take advantage of this new AI. Ladders are no more problem for scientists, yay :) !!

The other function of this system is not only to make the game more challenging, but also bring life to our NPCs. We can now make the behaviour of our NPCs very natural and believeable. Soldiers communicate with each other, scientists talk to each other, creatures search for food around the environments, sleep, patrol or protect their babies. This is hopefully next step how to make the world even more dynamic and realistic. We hope you like it! Don't forget to leave us your feedback and ideas you have for the AI.

April 20, 2013 - Mc.Sug4r

Since there are some questions people keep asking all over again, I think it's time to make some things clear. That's why there is this FAQ, so read it before you ask questions.

Will there be MAC/Linux version?

Mac and Linux version will happen only in case we pass through the Greenlight process. It's not possible to port the games for these system without success on Greenlight.

What's the release date?

Release date is set to Q1 2014, but only for the multiplayer part, Singleplayer is in active development, but has no deadline yet. We will inform you as soon as we know the release date ;).

Why are you going to release the multiplayer separately?

There are several reasons. We want to bring you something to play as soon as possible, so the waiting is less paintful for you.
We also believe that multiplayer and SteamWorks implementation will help us to gather some feedback on multiple aspects of the game, so we can react on it and possibly make the singleplayer experience even better in it's initial release.

What are the benefits for your project, if you get greenlit?

There are several advantages. Here is a short list of some of them:

- It's very likely that we can deal with Valve on getting our game to latest version of Source engine, or at least 2009 version. This would bring many advantages. We believe it could improve the visuals and some gameplay aspects of the game. Also, we would be able to make a port of the game for Linux and MAC.

- SteamWorks implementation, which brings many awesome features, including achievements, leaderboards, and stats tracking, which will help us to balance the game more effeciently.

- The game will be more accessible to everyone, therefore it will help us to grow the community.

- Automatic updates will allow us to distribute patches and content in more convenient way.

- We are not sure about this, but we could try to implement SteamWorkshop, to support the modding.

Will the multiplayer's release affect the release date of singleplayer?

We don't think so, at least not significantly. So far, we do nice progress on both, singleplayer, multiplayer and on Guard Duty, a remake of Blue Shift, as well :).

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