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Operation Black Mesa
June 10, 2013 - Nick

Hello there.
I'm Uphys, the latest composer for Operation Black Mesa.

Today we'd like to share the new OBM Main Theme with you.
As I begin working on the soundtrack once again, I'm fully aware that I'll merely be able to please a desirably high percentage of our audience, as each of us envisions the setting and atmosphere of Opposing Force in their own fashion; yet I welcome any piece of useful feedback or criticism that comes my way.

Listen to the track on YouTube.

Thanks, once again, for all your votes. We really appreciate it!

May 28, 2013 - MR.Sugar

Hello again!

It's time to uncover our promised AI presentation. This short presentation will showcase some of the new features of our new advanced AI. As mentioned in the last updates, it's only the CODE presentation. The content is placeholders and not created by Tripmine Studios. The presentation can be seen here.

Our goal is to bring you AI, that will be challenging yet not frustrating. The new behaviour our programmers are implementing is the result of these efforts. Enemies are now more flexible and can follow you through the environments. Obstacles that used to be insurmountable problem in the original games and still are in the most of the modern games are not problem anymore for our NPCs. Check out the video presentation to get an idea.

The new AI system will work with all the NPCs. That means that not only enemies are smarter, but also your fellow collegues and Black Mesa personell can take advantage of this new AI. Ladders are no more problem for scientists, yay :) !!

The other function of this system is not only to make the game more challenging, but also bring life to our NPCs. We can now make the behaviour of our NPCs very natural and believeable. Soldiers communicate with each other, scientists talk to each other, creatures search for food around the environments, sleep, patrol or protect their babies. This is hopefully next step how to make the world even more dynamic and realistic. We hope you like it! Don't forget to leave us your feedback and ideas you have for the AI.

April 20, 2013 - MR.Sugar

Since there are some questions people keep asking all over again, I think it's time to make some things clear. That's why there is this FAQ, so read it before you ask questions.

Will there be MAC/Linux version?

Mac and Linux version will happen only in case we pass through the Greenlight process. It's not possible to port the games for these system without success on Greenlight.

What's the release date?

Release date is set to Q1 2014, but only for the multiplayer part, Singleplayer is in active development, but has no deadline yet. We will inform you as soon as we know the release date ;).

Why are you going to release the multiplayer separately?

There are several reasons. We want to bring you something to play as soon as possible, so the waiting is less paintful for you.
We also believe that multiplayer and SteamWorks implementation will help us to gather some feedback on multiple aspects of the game, so we can react on it and possibly make the singleplayer experience even better in it's initial release.

What are the benefits for your project, if you get greenlit?

There are several advantages. Here is a short list of some of them:

- It's very likely that we can deal with Valve on getting our game to latest version of Source engine, or at least 2009 version. This would bring many advantages. We believe it could improve the visuals and some gameplay aspects of the game. Also, we would be able to make a port of the game for Linux and MAC.

- SteamWorks implementation, which brings many awesome features, including achievements, leaderboards, and stats tracking, which will help us to balance the game more effeciently.

- The game will be more accessible to everyone, therefore it will help us to grow the community.

- Automatic updates will allow us to distribute patches and content in more convenient way.

- We are not sure about this, but we could try to implement SteamWorkshop, to support the modding.

Will the multiplayer's release affect the release date of singleplayer?

We don't think so, at least not significantly. So far, we do nice progress on both, singleplayer, multiplayer and on Guard Duty, a remake of Blue Shift, as well :).

April 8, 2013 - MR.Sugar

Tripmine studios is once again looking for talented people, who would like to contribute to our projects, Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty.
We need to expand our team in order to accelerate the development process and also, to catch up with our coding department which is working way too fast :). That’s why we are looking for all kind of people, who would help out the colleagues across all departments of our team.
We cannot offer you monetary rewards, but on the other hand, Tripmine Studios can offer you unique opportunity to build your portfolio, help you gain new experiences and being part of fun projects which are being created by awesome people!
People who join our team will help us to deliver the first multi-player release in Q1 2014 and help us with creation of the additional updates and content for it. And do not forget about the single-player experience, which is still being actively developed and so is the Guard Duty.

If your position listed below, do not hesitate to apply! It’s easy to do so, just read our application guidelines carefully.[]

We are looking for talented animators who will deliver us amazing animations for our NPCs, weapons and props.

Organic modeler[/h1]
Organic modeler is expected to deliver high-quality organic models and NPCs.

Prop modeler[/h1]
We need people who will deliver various kind of props (ranging from small to big props) to help us replace the old Half-Life 2 props and bring the unique feel to our levels.

Concept artist[/h1]
Concept artists are expected to help us with making important design decisions and providing other artists and level designers with proper references. We are looking for all kind of concepts, ranging from level design layout concepts, environmental concepts, characters artwork and more.

Level designer[/h1]
Level designers will help us with finalizing the single-player campaign for both, Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty project. We are also looking for level designers focused on multi-player level design.

We are in TOP 100!

And before we close this news, we would like to thank you. We are in TOP 100 and we appreciate your support very much! We hope people won’t stop up voting us, as we are getting closer and closer to our goal.
As a small reward, we will to share some more tidbits about how we progress on the multi-player.
The first map, op4_rubble had reached the beta stage and is completely playable. Thanks to this, we can perform all the basic gameplay testing on the weapons and other basic mechanics of the multi-player build. And more maps is in progress to be ready for the initial release. So in terms of progress, everything seems to be in order.

We have plenty of updates in the pipeline, so stay tuned for them. We will show you some more media and teaser trailer from the single-player campaign as soon as we get it ready (it won’t take long). It seems like it’s also about time to start introducing you the multi-player a little bit, so we plan some media from MP build as well, so we are seriously considering a gameplay trailer from it. We should start working on it as soon as more maps get into the beta stage.
That’s all for now, thank you for your support! In the meantime, this is where I get off.

April 1, 2013 - MR.Sugar

Hello again!

It's time for new update! At first, we would like to thank everyone, who upvoted us. It's been coming along better than we expected and we are pleasantly surprised. We have got more than 10 000 votes already and we are making our way to the top 100 slowly and surely! So keep votes coming!


These are very busy days for us. However, we are very excited about what we are up to. Aside of the progress on the level design department, our coding department is making nice progress. Our main programmer, Edfake is up to deliver us the first stable multiplayer build, so we can start testing our maps in it and adding all the features needed for the first release we are planning. When? Well, we plan to make our first multiplayer release in Q1 2014! It's unbeliveable, right? Tripmine studios just set their first release date. Now, that's a milestone! And what's better? It's not a joke!

How about single-player? This part is not ready for release in stated release date, but is still in active development. We will try to work as fast as we can, but we don't plan to rush it and sacrifice the quality. We want to deliver you the best possible experience and this will take some time.

We will keep you about the progress in our future updates.


On the side note, our team is constatnly looking for talented individuals, who are looking for a mod they could contribute to. We accepted on any positions, excluding playtesters, voice actors, music composers and media designers. If you are interested in joining Tripmine studios, follow our application guidelines[].



And before we close this announcement, we would like to let you know that the trailer is indeed in progress and will make an appearance in the upcoming update, which will be released in no time. Stay tuned and see what else future brings!

In the mean time, make sure you stop by on Moddb (where new sample from OST is also available),Facebook or homepage[] . We will be more than happy to see you on the forum!

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