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Общността показа интереса си към играта. Valve са се свързали с този разработчик, за да се придвижи излизането ѝ в Steam.

Operation Black Mesa
2014 Kickoff Update
29 март 2014 - Uphys


Today we'd like to share some pretty major news with you. To find out more, click here[tripminestudios.com]!

Key topics:

  • Multiplayer Beta Release Q1 Cancelled
  • Multiplayer Progress
  • Singleplayer Campaign, Guard Duty
  • OBM: The Video Game?

Thanks for your support!
Tripmine Dev Team

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DJheadcrab 27 март в 1:37 следобед 
animalhouse 22 март в 4:38 следобед 
VLAD-vip 11 декември 2014 в 3:46 сутринта 
Very good game.
Mumpel007 22 октомври 2014 в 1:10 следобед 
Hey that are good news. take the time you need.
Benjamin 3 септември 2014 в 3:53 следобед 
it takes time to make a good game you can't rush
McLaren-Honda91 14 юли 2014 в 2:40 следобед 
I first saw this game many moons ago, the fact it's not finished...not even remotely a problem, Black Mesa, Estranged Act 1, they all gave us completed Part 1 products before continuing on. They have all the time they want, there hasn't been a HL3 so any mod which gives us back Corporal A. Sheperd is just fine with me!
Λя¢αɖƐ 24 май 2014 в 5:43 следобед 
because their still working on it
Death_Squared 21 май 2014 в 5:20 сутринта 
wow still not released -_-
NoriMori 4 април 2014 в 12:00 следобед 
@Weiss, Only the developers know how complete Black Mesa is. It could be 11/12 complete right now. All we know is how much has been released, which is 3/4 — still more than half.
Wanoo 2 април 2014 в 1:35 следобед