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Death Goat
August 31 - Brian Ferrara

- Implemented core gameplay loop with infinite waves of enemies and player life system.

- Written documentation on how to configure the enemy waves from within Unity.

- Implemented blood decals to improve the visual experience.

August 19 - Brian Ferrara

- Fixed some precision issues in enemy movement.

- Fixed orientation of death animations.

- Implemented more complex worm behavior

- Started work on implementing enemy waves.

August 17 - Brian Ferrara

Update #3:

- Created all enemy animations and animation controllers (except for the colored variations).

- Implemented enemy damage model with every enemy having an endurance attribute. Non-fatal shots make the enemies flash visually, while fatal shots trigger the death animation (currently hard-coded for the enemies that have more than one death animation).

- Implemented basic AI for every enemy type. Each enemy has an associated prefab specifying the properties and behavior associated to that enemy. This is demonstrated in the video, where we spawn all the different enemies in the level. Properties like speed and endurance can be modified from within the Unity editor while playing.

- The spiders (both big and small) and the pig always follow the player.

- The crawlers move in straight horizontal and vertical paths of semi-random distances.

- Krampus moves in short, random paths, sometimes planting a baby bomb along the way.

- The worms are stationary and currently always shoot the player (there is no retreating implemented yet). We plan on making them retreat when the player is very near, and appear again when he is at a distance.

Next update will implement enemy waves:

- Duration.
- Number of enemies: maximum number of enemies spawned at the same time.
- Spawn rate: frequency at which new enemies are spawned within the wave.
- A list of enemies.

Each enemy in the list of enemies will have the following properties:

- Prefab of the enemy in question.
- Spawn chance.
- Spawn delay: to allow for more powerful enemies to be spawned only at a later time during the wave.
- Speed: the speed of this enemy in this specific wave.
- Endurance: the endurance of this enemy in this specific wave.


August 13 - Brian Ferrara

Nothing like some live metal to keep the inspiration juices flowing (Fact: we are all filled with juice). Even better because I got to catch Holy Grail last night and hear the actual music from the game in person. Seriously, these guys are awesome & you should check them out next time they're in your town.

And now, lets get to that update:

- Implemented keyboard+mouse support

- Integrated advanced font rendering

- Implemented in-game score UI

- Implemented lit sprites, together with the player-attached light

- Implemented a basic blood effect

For the next progress update we'll clean up and generalize some of the code a bit, implement a robust mechanism to automatically detect the player's controller (giving priority to the gamepad if available), generate PC/Mac builds and start writing the technical documentation.

August 12 - Brian Ferrara

First, let me just say thanks to any of you who have kept checking in on this game, posting comments and generally keeping Death Goat alive.

So, here's where we're at- Death Goat is currently being re-built in Unity in an effort to look towards the future and ensure a stable & optimal experience.

The initial Steam release will be pretty close to a direct port of the original with a couple of added tweaks and surprises. The real changes are under the hood, where we are designing things with the intention of continuing support of the game through updates & DLC. I have a wishlist with things like multiplayer, gameplay additions, new levels, characters, music, VR mode and more that I hope we eventually get to tackle. I'm sure some of you have ideas & requests too, so feel free to post them. We may just add in some of the stuff that sounds cool and is actually doable within our resources.

In an effort to be transparent and straight with any of you who plan to support our game, I want to state that continued development will rely on how well the game does out there in the wild. I am paying for this development out of pocket, so in order to continue developing I'm going to need to refill the coffers, if you know what I mean ;)

I plan on posting regular updates here and at just to keep anyone interested in the loop and because it's kinda cool to watch the game progress.

Thanks again,
Brian \m/

Death Goat Unity Port Progress Update #1

- Created Unity project using the latest stable release of the editor at this time, 5.1.2.

- Implemented player controller and animator that cover the fundamental gameplay states (idle, walking, idle-shooting, walking-shooting, death). It uses the death goat character resources.

- Implemented gamepad support for a variety of controllers. Tested with an Xbox 360 controller and should work with other popular options like Sony's DualShock.

- Implemented big spider enemy with basic random spawning and follow-the-player AI behavior.

- Implemented regular weapon with a particle system.

- Implemented background music.

- Implemented the level ground and camera collision with its bounds.

For the next progress update we'll start work on keyboard + mouse support, basic UI, lit sprites and documentation.

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