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Let's get animated!
March 27, 2013 - EngageAaron

In this week’s update I show the new animations for the character, note that everything is a work in progress. Yes this game is in Alpha but that is not going to stop it from being released as a game, it is in a good and playable state so a few more weeks of testing and I'm sure everyone will have a blast when it's finally released to the wild.

I have been hard at work making sure that everything is sorted for the open multiplayer alpha - there is a lot of stuff to do including backend bug tracking, order processing, dealing with e-mails from other potential publishers, website stuff and most importantly adding hats... I'm kidding.

But seriously a HUUUGE thanks goes out to everyone who has been supporting the development of Relock, thanks to everyone who has voted, I'm quite amazed at how many people want it to be on steam so early in its development cycle!

To those who have been there since the beginning, I have something special lined up for you all as a thank you for being there and promoting the game as much as you all have.

More updates to come.

(Not bool beans, or baked beans, or bean beans)