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Shovel Knight
Shovelling Onwards!
14 août 2013 - Yacht Club Games

Hey digging aficionados! Whether you arrived here by browsing through Steam or are hitched in for the long haul by following our updates, we wanted to thank everyone for continuing to show their enthusiasm for Shovel Knight right here on our Steam Greenlight page! We just recently broke 1000 comments and we have read each and every one of them! Outpouring of enthusiasm and the occasional question are always welcome. Congratulations to snapplejaxs on the 1000th comment get! Send him a trading card or a hat for his troubles!

PAX Prime (and Panels) Approach!

And it’s coming up at the end of this month! Will Shovel Knight be playable there? We don’t know exactly, but it might be!

We’re participating in a panel, too! Our own Sean Velasco will be participating in “Doing Retro Right” on friday, August 30, from 3:30-4:30. We’re gonna talk about retro games and it’s going to be INFORMATIVE!


Are you going to PAX? We might also be there in person to dote on you lovingly. Find us on the PAX show floor and we might give you some shwag! Check these wonderful new buttons, packaged up brand new and waiting...

Shovel Knight Progress Report!
Development on Shovel Knight is cooking; and we’re working nonstop to ensure that it’s great. We’re starting to shift our focus to a new set of core levels, creating the structure for challenge mode, and doing of design work for the next batch of stages. In the meantime, we’re working on visual designs for all things Shovel Knight! Check out these sketches of potential poster and promotional art!

A little sneak peak at what we’re doing with the Lost City - Mole Knight’s domain!

Propeller Knight's stage, a realm of harrowing heights and well timed leaps!

Perceptive relic hunters may come across this sub weapon: The Propeller Dagger! You can use this to zoom a short distance, damaging whatever is in your wake!

The end result of our first playable Boss Knight design sessions!

Still have the trailer music stuck in your head? After the game’s release, the soundtrack will be available for download with a 'pay as you want' model, like many of Jake “Virt” Kaufman’s other soundtracks, right on his Bandcamp[virt.bandcamp.com] page. Give that a listen and you’ll have all sorts of energetic, catchy tunes which can pop into your brain when you least expect it!

Pre-orders are Now Available!
Some of you may have noticed that our site has been updated with buttons to pre-order Shovel Knight! Steam pre-orders will absolutely be happening closer to release, but if you or anyone you know was interested in further supporting us through pre-orders, now you can! This includes standalone downloads and a Steam key!

Pre-order here![yachtclubgames.com]

Fore More Dirt
If you want to hear more from us, you can follow us through all sorts of other websites:
Facebook - For screenshots, art, and more!
Twitter - For silly pictures and assorted goings on!
https://twitch.tv/YachtClubGames - For live pixel streams plus the occasional run through Zelda 2 (or the much less successful attempts at Wai Wai World)! We might stream Shovel Knight here too...

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14 commentaires
Siphon 31 oct 2013 à 20h20 
So excited about this game, and have been for many months. Totally going to tell my friends to buy this game.
sir mocasin 18 sept 2013 à 7h03 
Yacht Club Games 7 sept 2013 à 11h30 
Thank you for all the wonderful comments, everyone! And a hearty welcome to those who found your way here from the exciting Mighty No. 9 project! The team here is currently working all hours of the day on major level content. Definitely one of the more exciting stretches of the development process. We hope you enjoy Shovel Knight!
shayne.warden 6 sept 2013 à 18h54 
I had only heard about the game in passing and forgot to check into it, then heard about it a number of times in the past few days on the Mighty No.9 page. 5 minutes of research and I threw down my pre-order! Shovel Knight looks absolutely brilliant and I am going to tell everyone I know about it.
I think I'll grab the game on 3DS as well to help support the game further.
Thri11Ki11 1 sept 2013 à 21h57 
Just pre-ordered my copy Can't wait for this to hit Steam. I want to play this on my Mac so bad!
memoherrera 23 août 2013 à 8h13 
Nice Work! : 3
eep 16 août 2013 à 3h47 
oh my god this game is going to be fucking amazing
Bored_ 15 août 2013 à 17h11 
This is one of those games that you know there's no possible way it could be bad. Can't wait
Nemesis Legion 15 août 2013 à 5h25 
俺にまかせろ 14 août 2013 à 22h16 
Really looking forward to it