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The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed
February 3, 2016 - Cloudheadgames

It has been a long road and we're very excited to announce that we are finally gearing up for launch! Please visit our official Steam storefront page for more details:

December 2, 2013 - Cloudheadgames

Greetings backers! It's finally here!

Video update here:

We put it to a vote in the office. Do we further delay, continue refining, or do we release what we've been working on "worts" and all? This is very much an pre-Alpha release. We have yet to implement a number of features, there are bugs, and we continue to refine and research ideal VR implementations for certain systems (which is a challenge considering that some of the hardware being made to resolve certain issues isn't even available yet!).

That being said your feedback in this process is super important to us so there's no sense in holding back right now! Are we proud of what we've made so far? YES! Do we know this is just the beginning of a longer road? YES! Are we excited to share it with you anyway? YES!!!

Alpha Release Notes and Known Issues

* Movement based microstutter: slight visual stuttering during translation events. (BEING RESOLVED FOR NEXT UPDATE!)
* No DX11 support
* Gamepad & Mouse/keyboard support partially implemented (climbing not yet in place for those controllers).
* Breakables not returning to original state upon respawn events
* Ragdoll system pertially implemented
* Graphical discrepancies related to OVR issues (intermittent shadow pop and water reflection pop)
* Pickaxe cannot be reequipped after dropping
* Physics collision refinements
* Intermittent inconsistency with footfalls
* Intermittent jump interruptions
* Player animations placeholder and or missing for certain events
* Player model placeholder
* Tablet functionality limited
* Placeholder inventory system
* Fire based injury inconsistent
* Paintballs shoot through walls
* Spraycan only useable in pipemaze (forced drop event to limit performance issues)
* Climbing refinements

Download Instructions:

If you didnt have a chance to support our Kickstarter you can get an all access The Gallery: Six Elements per-order right here: . If we are welcomed to Greenlight all orders will recieve a Steam key for their purchase.

Speaking of Steam Greenlight, we really need your help to illustrate to Steam that The Gallery: Six Elements belongs here! This isn't an ordinary game. It is designed specifically for a coming wave of Virtual Reality hardware and it needs a forward thinking company like Valve to give it a home! We would love to take advantage of the Early Access program to iterate our title and make it one of the best VR experiences on market!

10% off the STEM System for VR backers!

And don't forget that from November 29 through December 31, 2013, Sixense is offering a 10% discount on STEM System pre-orders for VR backers including anyone that backed the Oculus Rift, Virtuix Omni, The Gallery: Six Elements, and the Reactive Grip. If you’ve backed any of these products or will do so before December 31, 2013, simply enter VRHOLIDAY2013 in the Coupon Code field at the checkout to receive 10% off any STEM System bundle or components.

Get started by visiting our VR friends today at:

Pre-order the Virtuix Omni at
Pre-order The Gallery: Six Elements at
Back Reactive Grip by Tactical Haptics on Kickstarter at:

November 20, 2013 - Cloudheadgames

Greetings backers & interested onlookers!

As you know, our small team of 5 has faced a number of challenges unique to virtual reality and motion control within the context of building The Gallery: Six Elements. There is no playbook for what we've created in the past few months and we've poured ourselves into making a standout example of what a truly immersive VR experience can be.

We're happy to announce that we're nearly ready to release "The Exploration School" Alpha to backers of the $45 support tier. If you haven't backed to that level you can still do so by increasing your pledge here[] .

So, before November is through, you'll finally have a chance to navigate a surprisingly entertaining warehouse environment! This space is designed to teach you the fundamentals of moving around in a virtual space, connecting to your virtual self and of course using motion control. But that's not all! Over the course of your journey you'll also unlock many surprises and a glimpse of what we are working towards in our Beta release!

Please Greenlight it!

Positioning ourselves on Steam Greenlight is super important to The Gallery: Six Elements and we need your help to get there! Please take a minute to vote for us on Greenlight so that we can take advantage of their amazing "Early Access" program. This will ensure the very best experience for all of you and future users as we iterate and move forward!

Enough blabber! We can't tell you what your support and your patience has meant to us during this process. We really do appreciate it!

September 15, 2013 - Cloudheadgames

Now available on Oculus Share:

Help Us Top Oculus Share 1.5!

Hey gang!

As you all know, every bit of exposure helps when making a run for Greenlight. You can help us out by downloading and rating The Gallery: Airworld teaser over at the Oculus sharing platform Oculus Share! Download, rate and or comment to help us climb the charts to one of the most shared titles on Share :)

And thanks again for the kind support!

August 29, 2013 - Cloudheadgames

Placeholder Download Here Via:!hRYTXAZA!MQdwZG7EzHPRzoETU-1C3mYeJNcYBOvTjrvE_1QrdCk

AirWorld New Version 1.5!

Hey gang!

Thanks to your terrific feedback on our recent Oculus Share release "Airworld Teaser", we've completed some important enhancements and bug fixes for version 1.5! This is generally a much more fluid, better behaved version with some terrific additions that make it perfect for demoing to friends!

Where's the Hydra Support?

We'll be implementing Hydra in v2.0. We've held Hydra support back due to the technical crossover and timing this demo has with our upcoming Exploration School release for project backers

Download and Changelog Notes

Oculus Share remains in a placeholder state so until we can make direct changes there, here's an early-bird version for you. Grab it here:!hRYTXAZA!MQdwZG7EzHPRzoETU-1C3mYeJNcYBOvTjrvE_1QrdCk

* NEW VERSION v1.5! Gamepad, Mouse/Keyboard compliant. Razer Hydra support coming in v2.0"

The AirWorld Teaser tech demo is a short, yet engaging experience extracted from the upcoming Indie title The Gallery: Six Elements . Dash across an abstracted airscape on Ziplines, reverse gravity, test your puzzle solving skills and experience a small glimpse at some of the incredible places the Gallery will be taking you!

We need your support! Please visit us at for additional demos designed for project backers, access to our community, and direct communication with project creators!

Version 1.5 Changelog

*Refined avatar movement
*Fixed camera "micro-jitter"
*Streamlined calibration process (player can look anywhere to gather calibration data)
*Simplified wheelhouse interaction (handle activates wheel sequence)
*Fixed prompts and dialogs not appearing on some machines
*Fixed -adapter n not working
*Fixed out-of-position environmental interactions
*Fixed issue where menu causes calibration to hang
*Tweaked scene lighting
*Added area of interest
*Created closed loop reset (great for convention demoing or group demos)
*Reworked end scene with closed loop portal
*Fixed pop-up occlusions in observatory
*Many minor "under the hood" improvements
*Many general performance related tweaks[/i]

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