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Skills and perks and mutations, oh my!
9 de diciembre de 2013 - The Acid Wizard

Hey! We posted a new update on our blog[www.acidwizardstudio.com], where we talk about the leveling system in Darkwood!

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26 comentarios
The Acid Wizard 11 mar. 2014 a las 14:56 
Thanks everybody, you guys are awesome! :D
darkist 12 ene. 2014 a las 12:36 
God can't wait to play that game!
GMK 7 ene. 2014 a las 15:18 
Kat In The Woods 5 ene. 2014 a las 8:50 
Genetic mutation has never been more rewarding!
Siege 25 dic. 2013 a las 20:24 
Great Game!
theogenia 22 dic. 2013 a las 10:43 
release the game already
Wicked Byte 22 dic. 2013 a las 3:19 
This game is going to ROCK!!!
GordonFroman117 16 dic. 2013 a las 17:16 
This easily one of my most anticipated games, right along with bigger titles, but I think I'm much more excited for Darkwood! Release date announcement PLEASE!!!!
Chimera 14 dic. 2013 a las 8:56 
Shuddup and take my money!
Wasko763 12 dic. 2013 a las 11:20 
Cool stuff!