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Skills and perks and mutations, oh my!
9. joulukuu, 2013 - The Acid Wizard

Hey! We posted a new update on our blog[www.acidwizardstudio.com], where we talk about the leveling system in Darkwood!

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26 kommenttia
The Acid Wizard 11. maalis, 2014 14.56 
Thanks everybody, you guys are awesome! :D
darkist 12. tammi, 2014 12.36 
God can't wait to play that game!
GMK 7. tammi, 2014 15.18 
Katia is fixing their computer 5. tammi, 2014 8.50 
Genetic mutation has never been more rewarding!
Siege 25. joulu, 2013 20.24 
Great Game!
theogenia 22. joulu, 2013 10.43 
release the game already
Wicked Byte 22. joulu, 2013 3.19 
This game is going to ROCK!!!
GordonFroman117 16. joulu, 2013 17.16 
This easily one of my most anticipated games, right along with bigger titles, but I think I'm much more excited for Darkwood! Release date announcement PLEASE!!!!
Chimera 14. joulu, 2013 8.56 
Shuddup and take my money!
Wasko763 12. joulu, 2013 11.20 
Cool stuff!