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Paper Dungeons
Paper Dungeons to be released in Early Access
March 8, 2014 - Paifu

First of all, a HUGE THANKS to all of you, for pushing Paper Dungeons to the greenlight!

The game is already complete and provides many hours of gameplay. We keep improving it with the valuable feedbacks of our early players. Paper Dungeons is currently on v1.12, with lots of bugs fixed and many new features. You can check our changelogs on our website[].

We are working on a more stable version 1.13, with new features: Game intro, Paper doll with stats for the fallen heroes in the Hall of Fame, some dice powers that won't be replaced anymore when you roll a new power.

With all that planned, we took a big decision and decided to release Paper Dungeons on Steam this month, through an Early access program.

The reason is that we want to push our game concept much further and implement 3 MULTIPLAYER MODES!
After all, boardgames are also fun with friends :)

These 3 multiplayer modes will be released in this order:

1) CO-OP:
Play the Adventure campaign with one of your friend. Turn by turn action with shared XP. Players have 6 action points by turn and must act before the end of a timer.

2) PvP:
1-4 players play against each other in an arena filled with monsters. Features: new type of dice set with special powers vs other classes. Rewards for players: a special currency to buy those special dice and even the normal dice sets from the single player modes.

1 Dungeon Master vs 1 to 4 players. Players cooperate against traps and monsters, controlled by another player posing as the Dungeon Master. The DM can unlock Monsters' dice to equip his minions.

Single player modes are not forgotten! At term, we plan to release more Puzzle levels and Steam features (Achievements, Collectible cards, Steamworkshop) will be implemented as soon as possible.
We would also love to extend the sharing levels system, with the possibility to create full story-driven campaigns, where texts and pictures will be used to introduce a group of created levels.

As you can see, we got a busy schedule ahead. I hope you feel as excited as we are!
And of course, we are keeping our ears tuned for your inputs and feedbacks!

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Miyu Mar 29, 2014 @ 8:25pm 
@{OKC}Nameless : Thanks so much for your encouragements, it means alot! No worries, we are definitely still improving the single player modes through our Early Access program, thanks to the community's feedbacks. That's why we chose this kind of pre release, because we saw we still had room for improvement. Bringing a stable single player game comes first before working on the multi player modes.

@Crazee: Yeah, as old pen and paper D&D gamers, we are also very excited by the prospect of the DM mode. Thanks for your interest!

C. Mar 9, 2014 @ 1:33pm 
I am really looking forward to getting some multiplayer in the game. I'm especially anticipating the DM mode. I know a few people who will be interested in the game now it's getting multiplayer modes.
OkcRanger Mar 8, 2014 @ 7:32pm 
Awesome to hear! Although personally I would a thousand times prefer more single player content and complexity over multiplayer. I know you could be plenty successful making the game a massive single player experience (thinking of Desktop Dungeons here). But I know multiplayer is "the thing" and I enjoy your game and happy to see it on Steam nonetheless! Hope you get many many sales :)