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Ukrainian Language Pack
March 8, 2013 - @Mo_45


Greetings! We welcome you to the official page of translating Steam into Ukrainian (Steam
Ukrainian Translation Project), that we’ve been working on since May, 2011.

While saying “translating”, we mean contributing to the opening of Ukrainian section on the
Steam Translation Server (STS) – that will allow us to translate the very Steam client,
Community entries, Store pages and games, developed by Valve.

Voicing games

The opening of the Ukrainian STS section will draw attention of existing localization teams,
able not only to provide textual translation, but also to voice games in Ukrainian. Of course,
this and other goals will be achieved at an early date, but at the moment our priority is the
opening of the Ukrainian section on the STS.

Our achievements

By today in our group there are more than fifteen hundred concerned people, with a
bunch of activists taking the most significant part in our project’s life.
During the existence of our group we’ve published the test build of our project twice. You
can access the test build by following this link (

At the current stage it is just a translation of Steam client’s text files. Some of the
lines are not translated, because it’s difficult to monitor the editing or adding new lines after
each client’s update. Mind that, while reviewing our build.

Why Greenlight?

The reason why we’he created this project in Greenlight is that we want to eastablish
more detailed monitoring of users’ activity and interest in our work, and afterwards
demonstrate the results of it to Valve, with which we have long-established links and
regular negotiations.

How can I help?

A project like this is the unique among other Greenlight participants, and in order to
help us achieve our goal, to show Valve that we truly need Ukrainian language on Steam,
we ask each and everyone of you to rate our project, add it to Favourites and
share it among your friends on Steam and other social networks as well – that’ll
really, really help us. We do not ask you for any financial support, we need only your
engagement and votes

Don’t forget that Ukrainian is a beautiful language, and Ukraine is a wonderful country
with rich cultural legacy. The appearance of Ukrainian language on the world’s
most popular digital game distribution platform will be a significant contribution to the
development of Ukrainian-speaking gaming community and everyone is able to

For more information visit our Steam-group.

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farsh00 Mar 21, 2013 @ 3:56am 
Будь ласка Я також сподіваюся
Deformal Mar 12, 2013 @ 8:57am 
Панове! Дякую за українізацію. Сподіваюся, Steam буде українізовано.