Tämä peli on nyt saatavilla Steamissä!

Kiitos, että autoit tätä peliä pääsemään Steamiin! Lisätietoja sekä linkin kauppasivulle löydät alta.

26. kesäkuu, 2014 - Dragonitelove68

Everybody from Rockin' Android would like to thank all of the fans and supporters for making this happen. As always please remember that it will take time for the game to actually be released. But again we are very ecstatic that another one of our games will soon be on Steam.

P.S. Please note that for those who have bought the game via Bundle, we will be providing Steam Keys.

So thank you!

-Stay Rockin'!!

5. huhtikuu, 2013 - Rockin' Android

Added a new cloudphobia trailer

29. maaliskuu, 2013 - Rockin' Android

Interview with the creator of Cloudphobia - http://www.rockinandroid.com/campaign.php?id=clphinvw

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