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Kijk eens rond en kom wat over dit spel te weten. Als dit iets is wat je graag op Steam zou willen zien, kun je helpen door de waardering ervan te verhogen via de knoppen hieronder. Klik hier om meer over dit proces te leren.

21 mei - Liman3D

Hello everyone! We are thrilled to announce that we are starting to work on a Deo game for Nintendo Wii U. This new project will be based on the game "Deo", which means it will be a reworked "Deo" game with lots of enhancements. We are feeling really inspired to create a lot of new features, enemies and improved level environments. These new improvements will be based on the feedback we got from gamers, who played Deo in the last couple of months, as well as our own ideas and views. More to follow...

17 maart - Liman3D

Hello buddies,

I have the pleasure to announce that Deo's original soundtrack made by Lucky Lion Studios is finally live at Soundcloud. Check is out: Deo's soundtrack []

Deo's music was made by Andrew Riley from Lucky Lion Studios [] especially for Deo. Each level has its own and unique music, composed according to the level's environment. I hope you'll enjoy listening to this amazing soundtrack which took months to be completed. Enjoy!

25 december 2013 - Liman3D

Merry Christmas! In the next two weeks Deo will be discounted 50% at The official site [], Shinyloot [] and Desura []

Enjoy this unforgettable 3D adventure game with its 24 levels of forest, snow, aquatic, mountain, lava and desert areas, each having its original music. Collect gems, find secret areas, beat monsters and pass through dangerous obstacles... This is just a part of the over 8 hours of platform gaming to complete the game .

Enjoy and have happy holidays!

10 december 2013 - Liman3D

Hello Deo fans!
Christmas is coming and good deals too! You can now get Deo 50% off from the official site. The promotion is valid from 10th of December to 10th of January! Happy Christmas holidays!

26 oktober 2013 - Liman3D

Hello buddies,
the latest "Build a Greenlight 4" [] Bundle is now live at Groupees. Go ahead and get Deo and the other cool games in a bundle for the best price ever. At the price of $0.75 you get a DRM Free copy of Deo and a Desura key. Buy Deo now for $0.75 and you will get a Steam key once Greenlit. Don't forget to vote and tell your friends to vote as this will help Deo to be Greenlit faster.

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