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Frozen Endzone
March 9, 2014 - nervous_testpilot

Well, thanks to you lot, we are finally bringing Frozen Endzone to Steam! If you haven't picked up a copy yet, we'd love you to head over to tomorrow from 5pm GMT and grab yourself the Early Access version.

If you have an existing beta key, you can add it to Steam now and it will unlock then.

There's a big update on the way as well - check out the trailer and info on the Steam store page for more details.

We're proud of this version but we have a long way to go. The big single player campaign mode, which will take place in a huge simulated league where you can track your player's movements and behaviour off the pitch, take part in league intrigues and generally explore the cuthroat world of futuresports, will kick off development shortly after this release.

We still have a lot of customisation features, animation and art to go into the game so every copy purchased helps us on our way to that goal. This is pretty tough project but we're absolutely committed to creating an awesome unique strategy game.

December 5, 2013 - nervous_testpilot

We've started our pre-order beta over at

You can see a whole new trailer over there which includes an entire casted match.

You'll get a Steam key with every purchase and when the game goes live on Early Access next year, you'll be able to add it to Steam.

Thanks for the support so far - we really appreciate it.

November 7, 2013 - nervous_testpilot

We've been really busy trying to get this ready and we're nearly there! The game has come a very long way since the first few times you've seen it in trailers and screenshots: we have a big new trailer that'll show you all of our plans for the full version plus a full casted match, so you'll be able to get a full picture of what the beta is like.

This should all hit two weeks from today so stay tuned. We'll be having a pre-order beta like Frozen Synapse, so you'll get a free key for a friend, both of you will get the full version and Steam keys on release. There will be a load of different pre-order bundles with some exclusive stuff like a brand new nervous_testpilot EP so we will let you know about those in due course.

October 14, 2013 - nervous_testpilot

Things went well at the Expo and we're now continuing to polish the game in advance of the beta. No definite date as yet - we want things to be in really great shape before we let everyone loose on the game. Thanks for being patient and supportive - I know it's taking a long time!

September 25, 2013 - nervous_testpilot

We're at Eurogamer Expo this week - come and say hello if you're there!

Significant progress has been made towards the first public beta launch. It'll be a "pre-order beta" - similar to what we did with Frozen Synapse. We'll have more details on the way very soon.

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