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The Sandbox
22. april 2014 - The Sandbox


We are happy to announce you The Sandbox is now available to download on #Steam, thanks for your patience and we hope you will have lots of fun with it!

Game Download:
Game Features:

The game’s features include:
➢ HD Mode allows players to craft virtual worlds at 4x the resolution of mobile version
➢ 150 Physics Elements including Stone, Sand, Trees, Gems, Water, Electricity, Fire, Steam, Power, Virus, Lava, Lights and more
➢ A classic/retro 8-bit interface
➢ 11 Individual Campaigns: Initial Story, Contraptions, Pixel Art, Dinosaurs, User-Created, Lasers & Pipes, Music, Humans, Zombies, Robots and the Alien Invasion!

➢ 161 Puzzle Levels providing hundreds of hours of mind challenging content for your brain!
➢ Chip-tune Sounds for Music Creation: Notes, Guitar, Bass, Trumpet & Drums
➢ Advanced Elements:
o Vehicles: Cars, Tanks & Trucks
o Contraptions: Explosives, LEDs, Conveyor Belts, Lasers, Pipes, Multiple Sensors
o Life Forms: Humans, Zombies, Robots, Dinosaurs
o Animal Forms: Lions, Rabbits, Fish, Fireflies, Birds and More
o Landscapes: Eiffel Tower, Pyramids, Buildings, Bridges, Skyscrapers and More
➢ Ultra-precise controls optimized for PC gameplay: Full-screen launch, HD mode, mouse/trackpad/keyboard controls and touch support
➢ Cloud saving of progression and syncing across multiple PCs via Steam Cloud
➢ Cross platform compatibility of worlds – from PC to mobile and back!
➢ Access to The Sandbox Worlds Gallery with more than 550,000 creations and ability to share universes

17. april 2014 - The Sandbox

Watch it now!

The Sandbox will be available on PC via Steam Early Access on April 22nd, 2014!

The acclaimed world-building game featuring a unique mission-based approach is coming onto PC via Steam Early Access. With over 10 million players on mobile & tablets versions and 550,000 pixel blocks creations shared in the Online Gallery to date, this PC version is taking world crafting simulation to the next level!


2. april 2014 - The Sandbox

The Sandbox for Steam is arriving soon: April 22nd, exciting right?!
Can't wait to play it on PC? Try it on Mobile/Tablet meanwhile =>

12. marts 2014 - The Sandbox

We often get asked this question "Will The Sandbox on PC be different from Mobile & Tablets versions?"

The answer is that not only the PC version will offer the same contents from mobile version, with a unique mission-based approach, but it will take world crafting simulation to the next level with the new HD Free Mode!

The PC version of The Sandbox gives players access to the brand-new, exclusive HD Free Mode: four times the space offered by the mobile version, meaning four times the fun! With HD Free Mode, you can create ultra-advanced, ultra-detailed worlds and take your imagination to new heights!

26. februar 2014 - The Sandbox

Look at this screenshot of a world created with The Sandbox on Steam, can you guess the difference?

Bigger is better: with the exclusive HD Free Mode, you will get 4x more space to craft your worlds!

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